Starfire's POV:

Carrie has just told me her biggest secret. I decided to confide with Silkie.

"Silkie! Silkie! Friend Carrie has told me her huge secret!" I said, carrying Silkie around the room.

I put her down since she was looking pale, and apologized, "Sorry Silkie!" 

"But, i'll have to keep it a secret! Robin probably knows about this already! I'll ask him..." I told Silkie, walking out of my room.

I knocked on Robin's door.

"Yeah?" He asked me, as he opened his door.

"Hello Friend Robin! I need to ask you something!" I said, cheerfully.

"Come on in." He offered.

"Thank you Robin!" I said, walking inside his room.

I sat on his bed, so did he.

"So, what is it you needed to tell me?" He asked.

"It is about Carrie." I told him.

"Carrie?" He asked, confused.

"Do you know about her..." I started.

"Her what?" He asked again.

I rubbed my shoulder, "You do not know? She did not tell you?" I asked him.

"Tell me what?" He asked, still confused.

"Her secret!" I replied, shocked that Carrie only told me.

"Well, whatever her secret is, i have no idea what it is. She never told me her secrets. Nor anything about her parents and life at home and school.

All we ever talked about were video games, music, and strategies for fighting." He explained, answering my question.

"Oh. I am sorry for having disturbed you." I apologized.

"Oh, its okay." He told me.

"Thank you, Robin" I said, smiling at him as i left his room.


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