An Angel From Above

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  • Dedicated to Lizette smit

You've been there for everything.

Through all the laughs and all the tears.

You checked for monsters

to erase my fears.

You waited at night

for me to come home,

and always made sure

I wasn't alone.

The days I gave you trouble,

you forgave right away.

And the days I was sad,

you knew just what to say.

Never forgotten,

you're close to my heart.

I fear the day

that we will part.

We could talk all night

and never get bored.

 It never mattered

what we couldn't afford.

Even with the fights,

even with the noise.

And the day you warned me

about boys.

I could never be more thankful,

nor forget your love.

For you, my dear mother,

are an angel from above.

Dedicated to the amazing woman that is Lizette Smit, my mother. Thank you for all that you've done. I love you <3

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