Sharing is Caring

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  • Dedicated to Amanda Sleight

Ring ring ring! The school bell rang and it was time for recess. All the little boys and girls ran for the toys for it was time to play.

Everyone laughed and joked as they played their favorite games together with their friends. But then there was Sarah who was sitting by herself, all alone playing with a jigsaw puzzle.

“Can I play with the puzzle too?” Asked Amanda as she walked up to Sarah.

“No.” Replied Sarah as she continued to play with the puzzle.

“But sharing is caring!” Argued Amanda.

Sarah finally looked up and frowned. She then went back to playing with her puzzled and said, “Well I don’t care!”

The next day of school, everyone was either drawing or painting because they were now in art class.

Like every day, all the little boys and girls were gathered together with their friends while Sarah was all alone. Then Kyle walked up to her to ask her for a crayon.

“Could I please borrow that blue crayon?” Asked Kyle.

“No.” Replied Sarah as she continued to draw her flower.

“But you’re not using it!” Kyle said with a big pout.

“But it’s mine!” Argued Sarah.

Kyle then turned around to walk away, but before he did, he looked at Sarah and said, “Sharing is caring!”

He then stormed off as Sarah was again left alone. As Sarah heard what he had said, she then frowned and said to herself, “Well I don’t care!”

The next day of school, Ally had brought in a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookies for the entire class to have. It was just enough for everyone to have and they smelt delicious! But just as Sarah was about to take a bite out of her cookie, she accidently dropped it and it fell to the ground.

“Oh no!” She cried because she had just dropped her cookie and there were now no more cookies left. She then sat herself in a corner all by herself as she watched everyone else enjoy their cookies.

“Hi.” Said Louis as he walked up to Sarah. Sarah sniffed and looked away. Louis then sat down next to Sarah. “I saw that you dropped your cookie earlier…” He continued. “And, well…”

Sarah then looked over at Louis. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Louis was breaking his cookie in half and holding one half out to Sarah to take. “I thought you might want this since you never got to eat your cookie.” He then gave half of his cookie to Sarah and smiled.

“Really?” Asked Sarah, for she was very confused why he would give up half his cookie for her. “But it’s your cookie.” Sarah said.

“I know,” Replied Louis, “And I want to give part of it to you.”

“Thank you,” said Sarah as she took a bite out of the cookie. “Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. Just remember that it’s nice to share things with others because it’s the right and kind thing to do.” Added Louis.

“Oh I promise to share from now on! I just can’t believe how mean and selfish I’ve been. I really am so sorry.” Says Sarah with a sad look on her face.

“It’s okay! Everyone makes mistakes but now you know. Sharing is caring.” Says Louis.

“And caring is sharing.” Adds Sarah with a smile.

“Exactly!” Louis says excitedly. He then gets up to join everyone else. But on his way, Mr. Reed pulls him aside for a quick chat.

“Thank you.” Says Mr. Reed to Louis.

Louis looks puzzled and asks, “For what?”

Mr. Reed chuckles and says, “For what you did to Sarah. That was very kind of you to share your cookie with her.”

“Well thank you.” Louis says feeling very appreciated.

“But may I ask you something?” Mr. Reed continues.

“Sure.” Replies Louis with a curious look on his face.

“Why did you share the last cookie with Sarah even though she wouldn’t share anything with anyone else?” Asks Mr. Reed.

Louis then stops and really thinks about the question.

“Sharing is caring,” Answers Louis with a smile, “and now she cares.”

The End.

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