The young girl had an angry look on her face as she walked through the empty streets of Camelot. She was the only one wild enough to be walking out here during a thunderstorm as massive as this one, but she kept walking because there was only one place she knew.

  She looked up at the huge castle.

  "Finally." She muttered, her pack already soaking, as well as her hair and clothes. As quickly as she could she ran into the castle, until guards stopped her from entering.

  "What? What are you doing? I've been walking for two days straight in pouring rain, just to get to this damnable castle, I'm not about to let you two dollop heads stop me from entering!" She yelled. She couldn't believe this. She was going to find a warm bed, preferably in the room where her brother stayed, and she was going to sleep, these two guards weren't going to stop her. As she thought of her brother, the blue eyed boy came running over to the guards.

"It's okay, she's my sister, she's supposed to be here." He explained to them before they finally let her enter.

"Thank you." She said, a hint of sarcasm on her tongue. Merlin grabbed her by the arm, pulling her away from the two men.

"What was that? You just get here and you're already looking for fights, and with the guards, no less?" Merlin laughed. The girl smiled and gave her brother a large hug.

"I've missed you too, Anastasia, but you're choking me right now." He told her, pushing her off. He gave her a smile. "Come on, its late, and you're soaking." He said, leading her to where Gaius was. On their journey over, they talked about how life had been for each other, Merlin speaking about what an ass the prince, Arthur, was, and Anastasia speaking of how what an ass everyone back home was. As they arrived, Gaius was already snoring, and An didn't blame him. It was late. Merlin handed her a towel.

"Are you hungry? Gaius left you some soup." He said. She nodded furiously. She hadn't had a proper meal in a day. A whole day. Food was very important to her. Merlin set the plate on the table, and the moment she was handed a spoon, the soup was almost half way gone.

"I'm glad you're still eating as much as before." He laughed.

"Shut up, Merlin. I was hungry." She said, mouth full. He nodded.

"Right well, when you're dome, the room over there-" he said, pointing to a good sized room. "-- is where we'll both be staying so. Goodnight An." He smiled. She missed that, her brother calling her An. He left her alone, eating. God, she missed her brother.

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