Chapter 199: The Worst Night Of My Life

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Stephanie handed Seth her microphone. Well their were a mix of sad and angry faces in the ring, Seth couldn't have looked happier.

"Hey, I just want to quickly say something to my friend in yellow, John Cena. Happy New Year!" Seth started laughing as he handed his microphone back to Stephanie.

"Seth, everybody owes you a debt of gratitude. We owe you a debt of gratitude, so as a thank you we have something for you," Triple H said, "At the Royal Rumble, John Cena is going to go one on one against Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, but that match is now a triple threat," Seth looked over in surprise, "Congrats Seth, you are going to be added to that match."

"Yes!" Seth shouted in excitement. I looked over at John to see a blank experrison on his face. I couldn't imagine what he must be thinking.

"You earned it," Steph said, patting his shoulder.

"And that leaves us with one man, one man that without none of this would have been possible," Stephanie said, "John Cena! Now John, we aren't going to punish you tonight. In fact, we're going to honor you, because tonight we are officially making it John Cena Appreciation Night! And John your attendance is mandatory."

"And as for the rest of you," Triple H continued, "This is a new era for the authority. Everyone is going to get exactly what they deserve."

"That's why tonight we are not going to have one, but two title matches!" Stephanie exclaimed.

I instantly looked over at Dolph to see he was already looking at me. We both turned back to the authority.

"So, Gabby," Stephanie said, "Later on tonight you are going to be defending your Divas championship against Nikki Bella!"

I rolled my eyes. Nikki, who was standing at ringside, suddenly had a huge smile come across her face.

"And Dolph Ziggler, don't go anywhere, because you're up," Triple H said, "Because you will be defending your Intercontinental Championship..... Against Bad News Barrett."

The Authority's music came on as I walked over to John. I swear, he was the best person at hiding emotions ever.

"Thanks for losing my title for me," I told him before I was the first person to exit the ring.


John and I were watching Dolph's match side by side. Erick Rowan had decided to join us. He stood behind us, sheep mask still on as he blankly watched the screen.

"I didn't lose you your title," John said after a while.

"Oh really, John," I said, crossing my arms, "You honestly don't think the authority is going to do everything in their power to make sure both Dolph and I lose our titles tonight."

The moment I said that, Dolph caught Barrett in a crucifix. The ref flew down to count.




"Dolph did it!" Cole yelled.

John looked at me with a smile.

"Wait for it," I said plainly.

Barrett came running in and hit Dolph over from behind, his face full of anger and frustration. He tossed Dolph from the ring and threw him into the steel steps.

"Come on, ref!" I yelled in frustration as Barrett continued assaulting Dolph.

"Why isn't security or some more refs coming down here to separate these two!" Cole yelled.

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