Dare #2 Lets Decapitate Ayumi!

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Me: *Records the last dare on Wattpad* And welcome back to Truth or Dare! I'm your host, Sherin..
Satoshi: Can you speed things up?
Me,: Um, what did you not get about 50 dares?
Suddenly lighting zaps the room and a giant spinning wheel appeared.
Me: Truth, Dare, Truth, Dare, Truth, YES DARE!!! *reads card* I dare you Ayumi to cut your own head off!
Me: YOU WANT TO SEE THE REAL EVIL SIDE OF ME?! *throws knife* Good luck scaredy cat.
Ayumi: Fine I'll do it. *points the knife at her neck* You know what? I don't need to do these stupid dares. I'll find a f**king way out of here.
Naomi: Let me help you with that.*grabs the knife and starts slicing Ayumi's head off* THIS IS PAYBACK FOR TRYING TO KILL ME YOU BITCH!!
Me: Naomi, you know she's supposed to do that on her ow- actually never mind. *grabs popcorn*
So there was blood everywhere and a head. I might as well get a stick and put her head in it and call it a statue lol. R.I.H Ayumi (see what I did there.) This dare was brought to you by bh6girl (I sound like a TV sponsor) Suggest more dares for me to do :)

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