Chapter 12: Honey, Wake Up

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In the next few hours, I woke up with Yongguk splashing water on my face. My eyes shot open and I saw him right in front of me holding a water bottle. "Oh good you're awake." He said nonchalantly.

"What the heck?" I used his jacket to wipe the water off of my face, "Why did you have to wake me up like that?"

Yongguk shrugged, "Just for fun. Would you prefer me saying 'Honey, wake up!'"

"Just doing it in a normal way would be fine," I stood up and brushed the dirt off of my knees.

"There's dirt on your back too," Yongguk started brushing the dirt on the back of my shirt but then I felt his hand brushing the back pockets of my shorts.

"Whoaaa too close," I took a few steps away from him and crossed my arms when I realized that he was doing that on purpose.

"I think I hear some voices over there."

In a few minutes I see Mr. Shin and our friends moving branches out of their way and coming up to us.

"Jieun! You're alive!" Nayeon came running up to me and threw her arms around my neck.

"Thank goodness nothing happened to you two," Mr. Shin wiped the worried sweat away from his forehead.

"We were trying to look for you guys after you went missing but then it became too dark to continue searching," Seulgi told us.

"It's alright, we're fine," I assured everyone.

"Let's all go back to the campsite," Mr. Shin rounded us up and lead us all back to camp. I noticed he gave a subtle glare to Yongguk before walking.

[Yongguk's POV]

"I bet Yongguk planned to get lost in the woods with Jieun," Jongup joked.

"Hey," I stopped Jongup before Jieun could hear our conversation, "Even though that does seems like something that I would do, I didn't plan to get lost in the woods. It just happened."

"Luckily," Jongup added.

I snickered, "I'm this close to becoming an actual couple with Jieun," I held up my thumb and index finger about a centimeter a part from each other.

"She really said that she likes you?" Youngjae asked in disbelief.

I looked up and saw Jieun walking ahead of us with her friends and Mr. Shin. "She didn't say those words exactly...but they implied..."

Jieun looked back at me, I winked at her but she quickly turned her head to face front. "The only problem is that she has a hard time saying how she feels."

"She didn't have a hard time talking about Daehyun. So she's only weird when it's about you." Zelo commented.

"Shut up," That was all I could say because I knew what he said was true.

[Jieun's POV]

Once we got back to the campsite, everyone had to start packing their things and load them on the bus. After washing up, I started packing. I was in the middle of putting the tent back in its pouch when I see Daehyun coming up to me.

"Hey Jieun you're back! We were all so worried about you. When Mr. Shin asked for volunteers for the search I wanted to go and help but then Nayeon and Seulgi told me to stay for some reason?"

I rolled my eyes knowing that it was so like Nayeon and Seulgi to keep Daehyun away from me. Zelo, Himchan, Jongup, Youngjae, Nayeon, and Seulgi were the biggest Yongguk and Jieun shippers—oh and I can't forget mom too.

"Oh it's fine. But thanks anyway, I appreciate that you wanted to help," I smiled back at him.

"I'm gonna go put my bags in the bus, I'll see you later," Daehyun waved to me and left. While he was walking to the boy's side, he stopped when he saw his girlfriend carrying her bags to the bus. Like the gentleman that he is, he took them from Hyuna's hands and carried them for her. I knew that usually I would feel a little jealous at this point, but right now I don't care? Being around Daehyun was no longer a euphoric feeling and I no longer wanted to pull Hyuna's hair out of her scalp. I found myself smiling because the jealousy that was building up inside of me was finally gone.

"Why are you smiling?" Yongguk knelt next to me and I snapped back into reality.

"Huh? I wasn't."

Yongguk looked over his shoulder and sighed, "Anyway, need help?" He took the initiative to finish putting the tent in the pouch and even rolled my sleeping bag up for me.

"Thank you," I said, putting my backpack on.

"Do you want to sit together on the bus?" Yongguk asked me casually. "Unless you'd rather sit with—"

"Yeah we can sit together," I responded. Oops I don't think he was done talking. "Sorry I think I cut you off. What were you gonna say?"

"Nothing," Yongguk shook his head quickly.

[Yongguk's POV]

After finishing putting my stuff on the bus, Nayeon told me to go see if Jieun needed help putting the tent down. Ugh, that guy was already there talking to her the first chance he gets. Once he left, I decided to step in.

"Why are you smiling?" I asked her, clearly knowing the reason already.

"Huh? I wasn't." Jieun replied. Well if she likes me, she shouldn't be smiling at any other guys. Mmmmm maybe that's a little too much to ask.

[Jieun's POV]

When the class went on the bus, Yongguk told me to take a seat in the back. The back of the bus had enough seats for 5 people but Yongguk just placed our jackets on the other 3 chairs and glared at anyone who was about to take a seat there.

I saw Daehyun near the front of the bus sitting with one of our classmates. I forgot to tell him that I was going to sit with Yongguk on the ride back. I'm sure he won't mind.

Once the bus started moving, I received a call from mom. "Hello?" I answered.

"Hi Jieun, how was your trip?" Mom asked, yearning to know some new gossip.

"You could've just asked me when I get home."

"I didn't want to wait. I've been trying to call you since you left, were you purposely not answering my calls?"

"Well mom, I'm in the woods and there isn't really any service here."

"Alright, fine. So you had fun right? With Yongguk?"

"Yes Yongguk and I had fun," I said in a bored tone. Once Yongguk heard me mention his name, he leaned in closer so he could hear the conversation. "You're too close," I whispered to him.

"Is Yongguk with you right now?" Mom asked all perky.

"HI MOM!" Yongguk grabbed the phone from me and greeted mom. I tried taking the phone back from him, but he pushed my face away, apparently he and mom were now having their own conversation. "Ok ok goodbye, we'll see you soon. Do you want me to give the phone back to Jieun now?"

I held my hand out to receive my phone but then I overheard mom say "no that's ok" and hang up.

"She hung up," Yongguk said to me and put the cellphone in my hands.

I sighed, "Why are you calling my mom "mom?"

"Because we're practically in-laws," He placed his head on my shoulder and look at me with fake puppy dog eyes. "Your mom said that if I wanted to marry you, I have to wait until we're finished with college."

"Yeah whatever...wait WHAT?" I was about to brush off what Yongguk said but then I realized that arranging a marriage with Yongguk is totally something mom would do.

A/N* this chapter felt short AF but the next chapter will be coming up soon. At least we know that Jieun doesn't like Daehyun anymore, too bad Yongguk doesn't know. oops.

I can't believe I started this book on May 29 and it's only been 11 days since I've started! I felt like so much time has passed already and I've already written so much like TF???

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