10 Things that make me happy

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1. I'm usually happy to see the in-and-out-of-traffic person beside me 45 minutes later, so happy that I sometimes look across at them and smile.

2. I'm happy that the mayor of Toronto changed his position on the practice of carding by the Toronto police.

(In Toronto, the police have implemented a carding system where police forces stop, question and document people during non-criminal encounters on the streets. Statistics shows that people who are black or brown are more likely to be carded than whites.)

3. I'm happy when the flashing red light passes by when I thought it was meant for me then nails the in- and-out-of-traffic person. I smile at them for that too.

4. I'm happy that they're building that bridge 5 minutes up the street from my home to connect the two highways. But I'll be much happier when the traffic is a nightmare no more.

5. I love when it rains like crazy. Everything becomes clean, green, fresh. I'm happy when the weekend is spared from this treatment. Especially during the summertime.

6. I like meeting people from different countries, different cultures. I'm happy when they're willing to share their experiences and their take on life.

7. I love doing road trips with my family. I'm happy whenever we hit the road for one of these. I like to go very far from home so if we have to leave someone somewhere out there, they more than likely will be unable to find their way back home...it could happen : )

8. I'm very happy when hanging out with my family. Playing board games, walking by the lake, biking, listening to music and guessing who's singing, movie night. They don't stand a chance with the music thing : )

9. I'm happy when the sun is high, the beers are cold, grill cranked and friends are gathered on the deck. The definition of a good day!

10. I'm very happy and grateful that you dedicated a few minutes of your precious time to go through them all.

Happy that we're connected in some way : )


- Thomas June 09, 2015

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