101 things to do when you're bored in class

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101 things to do when your bored in class:

1. Pass notes to a random person at your table that you don't know very well and tell them about how you hate that you have toe fungus.

2. Randomly sit down on the floor.

3. Raise your hand everytime the teacher asks a question and say "9" as the answer

4. Say you want a raise to the teacher and when she/he says on what say on my grade.

5. When the teacher walks into the classroom shout 'NEXT!'

6. In the middle of class when everyone is silent start singing the pillow pet theme song

7. Raise your hand everytime there's a question and answer: "I forgot."

8. Ask your teacher if she has hyegine issues.

9. Throw some kind of object thats random somewhere

10. Pretend to pull something out of your hair and whipe it on your neighbor.

11. Itch your butt noticable

12. Inspect your neighbors hair then say loudly "EW! DO YOU HAVE LICE!?"

13. When your given a peice of paper if at the top it says: Date:___________ instead of putting the date in put 'me' or someone in your classes name. (Date: Me)

14. Point out the window and say "LOOK EVERYBODY IT'S SUPER MAN!" When they look say "Oh crap he flew away"

15. Act like a monkey.

16. Pretend your Harry Potter and your Scar hurts.

17. Draw a barcode on your friend that says $1.99

18. When you see the lunch shout as loud as you can "THEY'RE SERVING THIS FRIKIN POOP AGAIN!?!?!"

19. Continusily yawn until everyone in the class is yawning too.

20. Pop and pimple and when the stuff comes out shout "EW PIMPLE JUICE!" and whipe it on your friend

21. Ask a random guy you dont know if his friend is out of the hospital yet

22. In the middle of class when everyone is silent start laughing really loudly

23. See how many rubber bands you can fit into your mouth.

24. Continuously break your pencil and have to go sharpen it in Math

25. Pretend to shoot the teacher

26. Bring a 2 liter pop can in and be late for class. When you arive at class shake the bottle open the top and squirt it at everyone

27. In the middle of class sing the chourus "Don't stop believing"

28. Stare at someone the opisite sex of you the entire time if they notice continue staring

29. Fake Spasums

30. Ask the teacher where they are

31. When the teacher enters the room say: "DROP AND GIMMIE THIRTY!"

32. Act like a robot

33. Chew gum loudly when the teacher askes you to spit it out, spit it out walk over to theird desk and stick under it.

34. Be late for school and for your excuse say "There was an old cat in the middle of the road that my mom ran over this old lady came out and started beating our car with her cane. We ran over her toe and by then my mom was too lazy to stop so she went at full speed on the road. She couldn't turn fast enough so we landed in a lake. I got out of the car and my mom and I walked through the woods when we came accross a town. We went to the Walgreens and I got new clothes and I dryer. Out side of walgreens I dried my hair. Then we took a bus and my mom went to work then I went to here."

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