white wolf - part 22

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Chapter 20

The Valley of Blue Waters was deserted when he arrived early in April. Without the many tepees surrounding the lake, it was even more scenic than normal. This lush valley was one of the most beautiful places he'd ever seen so he just took a moment to sit on the high ledge and absorb the natural wonder of it all. There were many birds flying from tree to tree, a herd of deer grazed contentedly among the pines and a lone elk splashed its way through the smallest lake.

He'd arrived early this year so he got busy and set up his small canvas tent right alongside the shores of the biggest lake. During the day he fished in the lake with a brand new rod and reel. The fish leapt from the water trying to get the colourful fly and it wasn't long before he had a meal for himself and the wolf.

On the second morning John wandered up to the rock pools where he'd found the diamonds. He thought about Morning Light and how wonderful it was those times they visited here, it all seemed so long ago. In the highest pool he dived in and explored the crystal clear water looking for bigger stones. The bottom was literally covered in the stones so he selected a few of the largest and brought them up into the light. Holding them up to the sunlight he turned each stone around and saw the brilliant red centre catch fire. From past experience he guessed each of the five stones was worth a small fortune but money was no longer important to him, it never had been really.

Standing in the shallows he let the falling stream wash over his face and shoulders. The waterfall started about 20 feet above him and the force of the rushing water was like a massage on his neck and back. The chilling sensation was very refreshing and cleared his mind as he practised the meditation skills Mr Wu taught him all those years ago.

The two warriors crept carefully through the trees stepping gingerly on the rocks as they approached the rock-pool. One slipped silently into the water while the larger of the two moved to position himself closer to the white-man relaxing under the waterfall. The only sound was the rushing water splashing into the pools so the fierce looking Indians made ready to launch their surprise attack.

John sensed rather than heard the threat, he knew Snowy had been lying quietly near the pools and then suddenly vanished. This meant the wolf knew who was sneaking up on him, if it had been a real threat, the big wolf would have either attacked or growled. Since he'd done neither, John knew the would-be-attackers must be his friends. Keeping his eyes almost closed his peripheral vision picked up slight movement to his right. John waited for the sudden rush then spun into the attacker, grabbing the big man's arm and using the warrior's own forward momentum to unbalance him and throw the oncoming man into the pool. Standing Bear is a huge fellow and he hit the water hard making an enormous splash and almost smashing into Rain Bird who had been swimming towards John. As the Medicine man looked up to see Standing Bear's body sailing over his head, John leapt off the ledge and grasped Rain Bird around the chest, driving him under water.

The three of them emerged from the pool laughing and splashing one another like young boys. They playfully grappled, all trying to talk at the same time. John finally flopped to the ground and said "I thought you Indians were supposed to be good at sneaking up on people, you both made so much noise I thought it was herd of moose." It was Rain Bird who replied "White Wolf you heard nothing, it was only your pet wolf that alerted you." Standing Bear chipped in with "we could have put an arrow in your snow white body long before you had a chance to move." Grinning, John remarked "maybe  but it's good to see you both, how was the winter high in the mountains?"

The trio sat on the edge of the pool and talked, they were happy to see one another. The warriors were very pleased to see their friend was back to his old self. Soon they heard the rest of the tribe making their way into the valley and unpacking the gear. These two came before the rest, hoping to see their friend.

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