Chapter 7:

Jules' POV

As I looked into my best friend's terrified eyes as I told her Spike was in the hospital I couldn't help but think back. What had gone wrong?


The morning had been like any other; waking up, breakfast, dropping Sadie off on the way to HQ. I was suited up about 10 minutes ahead of schedule and sitting on the bench in the guys locker room, waiting for everyone else to get ready.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket, still worried about my best friend, who was being terrorized by some stranger

"Hey Rian." I said when she picked up, "How was last night. You okay?"

"I'm fine Jules, just running a little late. "

"You said Spike was staying with you right?"

"Yes Jules, he has taken over the roll of my babysitter for the time being." I could almost hear her eyes roll

"I don't think he minds," I smirked, looking over my shoulder and eyeing the boys, who were teasing the crap out of Spike.

The phone was snatched from my hand and I whirled around to see Spike holding it to his ear, turning the volume all the way up so I could hear too.

"Well I don't particularly mind either." She admitted.

"Good." He said, smiling.

"JULES! WERE YOU ON SPEAKER!" I faintly heard her shout at me.

"No, I just stole it from her," Spike said laughing.

"Hot call team one." The alarm sounded.

"Damn" I muttered.

I couldn't hear what Rian said over the alarm, but it was probably something like 'Stay safe'.

"Will do. See you later Rian." Spike murmured into the phone before handing it back to me.

"Let's go loverboy!" Ed shouted from the locker room.

I grabbed the bags I had pre-packed, while everyone else hurriedly packed theirs.

Sam grabbed the keys to one of the SUV's and I hopped in the passenger seat. Soon everyone else was in the cars as well, Leah leading the way with Sarge.

Winnie briefed us in the cars on the way over. An HT had taken over the campaign offices of Senator John Galloway, we knew for sure that he had some kind of automatic weapon, but that was all we knew. The people who had escaped through the back door hadn't seen him, they had only heard the gunshots

"Do we know who the subject is yet?" I heard Greg ask over the comms,

"No. Although, officers are still interviewing the volunteers who managed to escape."

"Okay. Jules, you and I will help interview, see if anyone saw anything. Ed you're Sierra One, Sam you're Sierra Two. Leah, look at the blueprints, and Spike, get us eyes and ears."

I could hear a chorus of "Yeah Boss." over the comms. Sam turned of the siren, but not the lights as we pulled up in front of the mobile truck that everyone was using as headquarters. I could see Spike flashing his badge in order to get into the mobile unit where they would have the computers and probably access to the phone lines already. I hopped out, finding Sarge, and together we set out to find the workers that had escaped.

    I found them first. They were young, mostly college students probably and they looked scared to death. They were grouped in by a few policemen who were attempting to take statements

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