The new guy in my class

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As I entered History, i saw a bunch girls huddled around my desk. Who was there? I sat alone, did a new kid come? Was he/she gonna be sitting with me? To attract this much girls, she ( i assumed it was a girl), must be really pretty. I casually walked over to my seat, bored through the crown, sat down, and sighed.I streached my neck to see the girl that was attracting all these kids I eventually gave up, the crowd was too thick, was it possible that maybe Selena Gomez might be here? I mean, this is rediculous! More kids were arriving, i was startingto get scared. What was in the middle of this crowd, now thic was getting irritating. i couldn't take it anymore! They were shoving my chair ( Which i was still sitting on) away. " Hey!" , i exclaimed as my chair fell over and me with it. "Ow!" , i exclaimed as i hit the floor. I laid there trying to avoid getting footprints on my face from the kids who didn't even acknowledge that i was on the floor. Anyway, the , " Thump", my chair made as it hit the floor was really loud. A guy, really cute by the way, with black eyes, black hair... and ... oh, a perfect face. He seemed to be in the crowd around the ( as i believed) girl, " Are you ok, Miss?", he asked extending his hand to held me up. My heart skipped a beat at the sound of hic voice, it was mature.. and deep, just perfect. " Um.... yeah?", i didn't mean for it to sound like a question. I took his hand and stood up , " Hey! Where is he?!", a girl sceamedf from the near heart of the crown. The cute guy,which i happened to be holding hands with's widened at the girls exclaimation. He then ran toward the door while still having i firm grip onmy wrist. here was he taking me? We rushed out the door and out to the parking lot where girls nd guys were kissing. Oh... did i mention that WE WERE BEING CHASED BY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!! The strange, but cute guy dragged me behind a car. " Hey! Why did you bring me here?", i asked breathlessly from running. Suddenly, a girl shouted, " There he is!", " We need to trick them.", He said to me. He then gently pulled me by the waist, on to the car bonet, and kissed me passionately.

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