Chapter 10

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"I'm not sure if this was such a good idea."I said to Lily as we made our way inside Justin's apartment.

Everyone was staring at me as if I had a huge sign on my face saying 'look at me now'.It was really becoming uncomfortable.

" I've been saying that since we received the invitation but you insisted we come.There isn't any going back now.Besides the party doesn't look so harmless."she shouted back at me through the loud music.

I swallowed and forced myself to move forward, trying my best to ignore all the stares.

Haven't there mother ever told them it was rude to stare at someone?

"Who invited her?"one of the girls asked looking at me in disgust.

"That's none of your business."Lily shouted at her.

"Well well well, I see you've finally made it."Bianca said with an evil smirk on her face.

"What do you want Bianca?"I asked tired of her behaviour.I remembered our first meeting well and didn't want her to cause a problem for me here.

She narrowed her eyes."I want you to leave this school, you're only going to make the lives for everyone here hell but I'm sure you aren't going to do that now, are you?"she challenged.

"Don't pay her any attention Gabriella, she isn't worth it."Lily said next to me.

She didn't need to say that twice however, my eyes had already darted to somewhere else, more like someone else...Justin.

He was surrounded by a group of girls, nothing new there.But he looked extremely handsome in his white T-shirt and black jacket which brought out his mesmerizing blue eyes.

I was brought out of my daze when Bianca snapped her fingers in front of my eyes.

"You can't be serious right?"she asked with her eyebrows raised.


"Are you perhaps crushing on your enemy?"

"What on earth are you talking about?"I demanded.

She chuckled."Don't play dumb."she said walking closer so only I could hear."It's quite obvious that you have it bad for Justin but you can't possibly think that there is a chance he will like you, right?"she asked before walking away.

What the hell was wrong with her, I didn't feel anything for him!Did I ?

"What did she say to you?"Lily asked.

I shook my head."Nothing, don't worry about it,let's just try to enjoy the party."I said with a smile."Um but I don't see any bad fairies here, am I the only bad fairy they invited?"I asked alarmed.

Lily sighed."They don't ever invite bad fairies to their parties, come to think of it the bad fairies don't invite good fairies to there parties either."

Why did they invite me?They were obviously up to something...then why wasn't I leaving?

"Lily, why don't you introduce me to your friend here."a guy dressed in a black shirt and blue jeans asked with a beer in his hands.He looked like a tough guy, someone who might be quicker with a punch than a joke.There was no cruelty in his smile,unlike the other fairies of his kind.

Lily returned his smile, were they friends?

"Joey, I never thought to see you here."she said in shock.

"Just like I never thought I'd see you here with a good fairy."he replied."Though I'm glad you did."

She chuckled."I see you're still with your bad ways, flirting with every girl you see."

He laughed turning to me."Don't listen to her."he teased.

"Gabriella, this is Joey one of my good friends, Joey you already know the princess."

"Its a pleasure to meet you Joey."I said with a warm smile.

"The pleasure is all mines."he said with a smile taking my hands leaning in to place a kiss on them.

However he never got to, a blue light came out of nowhere and struck him in his hands forcing him to pull back.

"What the hell was that?"he asked shocked.

Lily looked around."I don't know but it seemed like a fairy power, who wouldn't want you touching Gabriella?"she asked."Okay that's a stupid question , that could be anyone here."

I searched the crowd and noticed Justin looking at Joey as if he could kill him.It couldn't be him, could it?

He caught me staring at him and our eyes locked, like it always did, he held my gaze for a few seconds before he turned and walked out of the room.

"Everyone can I have your attention here please, just to make this party a little more exciting , we've put together a little play entitled 'the little miss nobody.', hope you guys enjoy."Bianca announced looking at me.

As the play started there was no mistaking that the main lead, which in this case, the nobody was intended to be me.

"Lily I think I should head back to our room."I said to her sadly , not wanting to see more of this ridiculous play.

"I'm coming with you."

"No, stay with Joey, don't let me spoil your night besides I would like some time alone."I pleaded with her.

She sighed but nodded her head.I didn't wait for her to change her mind as I hurried out from the apartment.

Instead of heading to the room, I headed to the woods, anytime I was sad the smell of the trees and flowers would make me a lot better.

As I made my way to the river I saw someone standing to the edge of it.At first I didn't recognize who it was, however when the moonlight highlighted his hair, I knew.


I tried to walk off quietly without him noticing but unfortunately I mashed a branch causing him to turn towards me swiftly.

He narrowed his eyes."Why are you here?"

I swallowed."The last time I checked this woods belonged to all of us."

He walked closer to me and I stood still in total shock... what was he going to do?

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