"Why are we in Cardiff again, exactly?"

We were in M&S shopping mindlessly, finding anything suitable for tonight. "Because the nearest M&S to us is Cardiff, and I can only shop here."

I willingly engulfed myself with exhaustion as my frail legs attempted to keep up, the need to fall asleep overpowering me. "We can buy everything in the store down the road from where we live."

"You can't buy garlic focaccia topped with sun dried tomatoes and herbs from the store down the road from where we live." He corrected, his fingertips grazing his chin in thought.

Uh. "That sounds complicated. Why do we need that for tonight?"

"Snacks, s'all."

We walked silently down various aisles, Harry picking up nachos, dips, pretzels and salted nuts. I noticed something in the corner of my eye, and I tugged at Harry's hand in excitement. "Look, we can buy these."

I dragged him over to the next asile, excitedly picking up the two items from the shelf. "Party hats and balloons."

He went silent, his eyes on mine yet he didn't speak. He just gave me a funny look. After a deadly ten seconds, he finally spoke. "No..."

"But we're having a party." I raised my eyebrows in confusion.

"You're right," He crossed his arms. "We should also get a cake, banners, candles and a karaoke machine."

My smile faded slightly as he tightened his stiff expression. "Now, you're just being facetious."

His playful smirk widened as his hand wrapped gently around my waist, dragging me along the aisle. "Come on, Harley. I'm allowed to be facetious. I risked 30% of my final grade for you."

"You don't do good things for rewards," I corrected. "You do good things to make the world a better place."

"I didn't make the world a better place, Harley. I put your English paper in a pile."

"Well... You made my world a better place." I spoke lightly with a grateful grin.

He merely stared to the floor and nervously turned his head away. "I... Ugh, why do you have to say cute things?"

I innocently shrugged, cluelessly widening my eyes before I took a slow step back. "I-I-I didn't think it was cute-"

"Sh-h-h," He silenced me. "I'm going to get some vodka, you're in your uniform and you haven't got ID so stay here. I'll be right back."

"I look eighteen." I whispered to myself.

I wandered aimlessly around the store as I hummed a short, catchy tune to myself to occupy time. About five minutes later I had forgotten that Harry told me to stay still, and now I was lost.

I was in my own world.

Lingerie was in front of me as I trailed through the aisles like a lost puppy, but somehow I found myself staring at the underwear. The lingerie was tight, thin and plain black, which was completely different to the ones I had in my drawer at home.

I kind of liked the lingerie.

I took it off the hook, seeing that it was a 32B. I secretly held it under my arm so no one would see me with something so promiscuous and continued my search to find Harry.

I found him standing by the skincare products, and his eyes caught mine. "There you are." He exasperatedly huffed as his arm held me close, but he accidentally tugged at the underwear I was holding.

I was filled with a little bit of rage as he stared at it with a smirk. "Are you going to wear this for me?"

I snatched it from him. "I'm wearing it for myself."

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