Chapter 1

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I chuck my black pack on my shoulders and then kiss my brother, Rory on the forehead. He is six years younger then me, 7 years old to be exact. "Bye I love you" I say. "I love you too" he murmurs. He never liked saying he loves me, it makes him embarrassed. He is so adorable.

I yell "Jacob I'm leaving" to my older brother as I push open the door. I'm headed to the bakery to get fresh bread. Today is the reaping and it deserves a feast. It's my second year entered in the event. Even through my chances of me in the Games are slim I'm terrified. Not just the fact that I will never see my family again but that I have to kill incident children. How am I suppose to live after the games knowing that I killed so many. The idiotic careers come to mind. They train their whole life to be killers. Imagine talking to someone about your job. So what do you do for a living. I'm a murderer. And don't get me started on the capable. Who came up with dump idea to sent 24 children in a death chamber. Back to the reaping, I'm 13 so 2 of my names will be entered actually 3. When I was 12 I took one tessera.

I start to think of my dear mother as I begin to wonder to the bakery.

My mother was becoming sick. She was in a disastrous state and the medication costed a fortune. We spared mom's life but she is still in critical condition and we had no money for food. Jacob who at that time was 16 took two to extra entries. But after 4 weeks we were out of supplies. My parents didn't want Jacob to take another tessera even if I was for the good of the family. Later that day I snuck out and received grain and are other needs by one tessera. On that day I knew that I had to protect Rory I and my family. They need me as much as I need them.

I approach the bakery. I knock on the beautifully crafted door. It's all wood. It is craved into a magnificent pattern it's swirls around until it meets in the middle where there is a a sliver butterfly. I smile.

One time me and my older brother were out in the field. It was not really allowed. It sounds stupid but the rules here in district 11 are really strict. Once there was a boy, Calum I think was his name. He was 14 a young age. His family was starving witch is not common but common enough that you know at least one person that's died from starvation. He stole some crops and the the capital's people found out and he was sent to immediate execution. It sucks because he was doing it for his parents and his 3 year old sister Jenna. 1 week later the father died and a week after that his mom and Jenna pasted away. It was a very tragic time because everyone loved the rambunctious three-year-old and the caring older brother.

So back to the story my brother and me were in the field and he sat me down in a giant patch of flowers. They were white daisies. We were going through a tough time since my mother has just became ill. He sat beside me and said "you're worried" I nodded rapidly in agreement. He put his big muscular arms around me and whispered "fate is fate and you can't change what happens but it doesn't hurt to have a little hope." He looked up and I followed is head to see hundreds of butterflies circling around us. He said "see hope then" then yelled "hope" I smiled the biggest smile I've ever smiled. To this day I've carried this saying this message close to my heart.

I hear the creek of the door opening and Mr. Patterson opens it saying "hello Sable so how have you been". How have you been, how have you been its the reaping day for for pete sake I'm horrible. "Good" I respond."come in, come in" he says. I walk in to his dwelling and Mrs. Patterson is knitting a blanket on a small couch. I hear the two twins jumping down the hall way "is it Sable" they yell. I giggle. I usually bring small bracelets my mom makes for the little kids. Their 5 so the poorly hand crafted bracelets amuse them so much. "Sorry" I say "no bracelets today" Mono signs "not even one" she states "Really sorry, I actually came for bread. It's the reaping and I was hopping I could assemble some kind of feast." The girls leap at the word reaping. "Reaping" Hanna says "it's today she continues. To the very young the reaping is a day were they get a huge meal. When they get older they will understand the horrendous event. Mr. Patterson hands me the bread and I offer him the money but he replies "today it's on the house I'm feeling generous". " Thank you and have a nice reaping I say. I close the door and take a last look at the beauty before I head back to my home.

It is a long and super painful walk. So many thoughts about the reaping. What if I was picked, will I survival, will my instincts kick in, will I ever see my family again, how many people would I hurt no how many people would I kill, what weapon what I use and so much more.

When I reach my house it's 3 hours before the reaping. I decided I will start to make super then leave an hour to get ready. Super is fairly easy to make we are having goose, a herb salad and bread with cheese. After I've finished super I start to get ready for the reaping. Even though I'm not for this this event I want to at least look okay if I get called up.

I soak in a room temperature bath. I use one of my mom's homemade soaps and scrub all over it. Went I'm done I pick up a old pair of sewing scissors and start to cut my nails. It takes double the time it would to take to cut your nails with that weird nail clippy thing. They look ok after. I brush my black long hair then braid the two side pieces then clip it at the back. I let my hair flow down. I wear a dress my mom bought for me when I was 8 but I never fit into it until this past year. I slip it on it's wonderful. It is a black strap less dress the top is plain with ruffle and the button is a thin see through layer of black material and underneath that is a tighter pencil skirt also black. It's very plain something I would wear to a funeral but the designs are so intricate it's mesmerizing. I play with my mother's worn out make up and figure out how to put on a light layer of liner, mascara and eye shadow. I top it with a pale pink lip gloss. I look my self in the mirror and notice how my brown eyes shimmer in the lighting. I break out of my haze. I yell "Jacob, Rory, dad we have to go" I find mom in bed and pull her up, this on of the occasions that she has to get up. I drag her to the door and the rest of the family meets us there. I knock it open and we head to the reaping.

~So I started a hunger as you can tell it's different from most people's. I know like every is starting one but I was like what the heck. And don't worry everyone will be added later. Keep reading :)

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