My Hijab, my heart.

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Hijab is my choice,

Hijab is an order,

Hijab is something i will never let go,

as not only does my Hijab wrap my  head and chest modestly,

but it also wraps my heart with warmth and security.


The wearing of the Hijab,

the perfect order from the incomparable majesty.

I'd rather not be that girl who wears skirts and high heels.

I'd rather be that girl who wears Hijab and burka and follows the sunnah.

So, on the day i depart,

Insha Allah, i may be welcomed into Jannah.

(The gift of being alive, I thank The Lord every day)

'What about them' I say.

They call us oppressed, and that our religion is an enemy to ourselves.

But I dare not think of what they say,

cursing the Hijab and Islam,

but i think of the here after, and the Qur'an,

the words from Allah.

5 times a day, i complete my salah,

with my head and body covered,

in the personal presence, of the creator.

I say now, do not judge what is on my head,

but what is in my head.

My Hijab, my identity,

no one can take that away from me.

I am not oppressed. I am free.

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