Day 1, March 2,2015

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This girl had so much going on in her life she didn't know how to control her actions, at school she thought everything was turning out great but then one day her 8 friends decided to talk with out Anna and they all said "Annas a worthless person and shouldn't be on our group" Anna had over heard them say all these disgusting things about her that day all she could do was cry. She couldn't belive what she heard she kept telling her self "what did you do Anna why did they say that stuff" Anna was completely torn. She didn't know how to react so many people would always bully her make her feel worthless.

Anna was walking to the bathroom when she just couldn't hold in the tears she walked pass all those girls they just started to laugh Anna kept crying more and more.. Some of her friends stopped her in the hallway Anna didn't know what to do. She told them "just leave me alone" Anna felt like a total failure she felt as if no body would ever like her. She felt like a big disappoint to everyone. She failed being perfect. Anna didn't even want to be at that school. She felt like those girls would not stop. Anna she throw those feelings away because she said "if they dunt care why should I?". Anna held her head high let all those go the ones that hurt her the most.

Anna saw those girls true colors she was devastated Anna kept telling her self maybe tomorrow will be better then today but she kept saying it then she realized the weren't the people she needed to be hanging out with, they aren't good people to be following, Anna told her self "no more I'm not gonna get used. I don't want to hurt anyone but I'm sick and tired of getting hurt and my feelings getting stepped on like it is just a piece of trash ". Soon Anna was changing slowly but surely. Ya maybe I still did get treated like a piece of nothing but I kept my head high I let the haters hate and I told my self Anna your better then what they see you as. "The thing is that Anna they only know your name not your story but let them judge it doesn't bother me a bit".

Anna didn't let them get to her but then when they saw that no one could get get to her they tried to gain more and more and more power getting everyone to "drop me " (the say that when you drop someone it's not the fighting thing it's were people aren't your friends. ) so they decided to try and have her fall apart. But Anna ? Sue kept saying your worthy they don't need all your power.

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