Chapter 25

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"The Sentinels." His eyebrows came closer to each other and his eyes narrowed while he contemplated on where to start. "You remember that I told you there are humans with supernatural abilities, right?"

I nodded. I remembered that, even though it was still hard to for me believe it. Maybe I would need to meet one such person to be sure they were real just like I needed to see Rhys transform to trust him about the existence of the werewolves.

"At many points in history the shifters, Dayers, Nighters, Gifteds and ordinary people were at a quarrel or a full-blown war with each other. Since ordinary humans found it difficult to protect themselves against us, the Order of the Hunters appeared. It consisted solely of humans - some gifted, others not - and many of them cared little weather a supernatural creature was guilty or not; they just wanted the prize they would get from the head of a shifter or a vampire. They committed many atrocities, going as far as to hunt even children."

Rhys paused when he noticed that I shivered. He sat beside me with his back against the wall. His arm moved behind me, encircling my shoulders and I leaned my head on him. I snuggled against his body, placing my hands over his chest. His heart was drumming a little faster than it should and so was mine.

"That was when a second order arose - the Order of the Sentinels," he went on with the story. Although he spoke of real events, a part of me felt as if I was listening to a fairytale.

"Their goal was to stop the chaos that had ensued. Unlike the Order of the Hunters, the Sentinels included non-humans too. Back then, it was comprised of Dayers, shifters, Gifteds and occasionally by normal humans. They also had rules, which for the most part apply today. They prosecute all species, not just the supernaturals, and offer protection to those who need it, regardless of race or species. Consider them the supernatural police. They are the ones we contacted when we found out the murderer was a werewolf. Nowadays, their Order consists mainly of gifted humans."

"Why the change?"

"Back in the day, the shifters and vampires were hunted so it was in our interested to have representatives in the Order; now, we live in secret. Vampires stick to their families and so do werewolves. As I've often said: we are a close-knit community, Riley; it's not often that someone would set out on their own."

"So that's why you don't make yourselves known: you are afraid that you would be hunted once again?"

"That is correct." He nodded. "There is a reason for all those horror stories about vampires and werewolves: some of us like to hunt and humans in particular."

"But not all of you are like that." It wasn't a question; now that I'd calmed down - mostly - I found it hard to imagine Rhys or others of the Silver Bullets going after a person with the intent to harm them. Well, maybe with the exception of Alec.

"Do you think that some of us being peaceful would matter to everyone? Just remember how you reacted."

"I'm sorry about that," I whispered, scrunching his t-shirt in my fists.

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