"Don't do anything you guys will regret!" My mom warns from the living room couch.

"Don't worry mom, we won't!" I yell, running to my friends car and speeding down the street.

"Bro, what'd you tell your mom we were doing?" My best friend, Nate, asks as he dives faster and faster down the pitch black roads.

"That we were going to the movies," I say, causing the rest of my friends and Nate to laugh, all of us knowing that was not what was happening.

We do this every weekend. We do shit we know we shouldn't do but choose to do it anyways.

Last weekend we spray painted penis's on the side of a banks building. We also decided that it would be fun to mess around with girls that were walking by themselves that night.

We didn't physically harm them but we did fuck with their brains. We followed them for at least 10 minutes and made it obvious. They were all scared shitless and we found it hilarious. One of them even started to cry.

This weekend we decided to call up some of our other buddies and we would drag race down the empty streets.

Nate made sure to scope for roads with the least population so we wouldn't get caught. We found this abandoned, almost creepy street a couple miles out of town.

"Bro, do you think this is a good idea? This place looks sketchy..." One of the guys, Drew, asks uncertainty clear in his voice.

"C'mon dude, don't be a pussy. We won't get caught." Nate assures, with his typical persuading voice.

I look back at Drew and see that him, Austin, and Mike all have the same look on their faces. Looks of fear.

I shrug it off and look forward again. Drew is going at least 70 mph, 40 mph over what the speed limit read.

"Bro, slow down a little." I warn him. I like doing dangerous things but I'm not stupid. I know that this could kill us if we crashed into a tree or deer.

Nate just rolls his eyes and speeds up even more. Douche.

"Hey, I'm serious. If you crash there's no chance we will live." I say with a sterner tone of voice. He huffs and slows down to 50.

"Hey, I think that's them up there." Austin squints his eyes and points to the car driving towards us. I couldn't even tell what kind of car it was because they had their brights on.

Nate rolls down his window and signals them to follow him to the empty parking lot ahead.

Once they start to follow us, I can see the car better, I realize that the car that's following us doesn't look familiar at all.

I get nervous but don't say anything. Nate probably invited someone I never met and they just brought that persons car.

We turn into the parking lot and the car slowly follows suit. Nate gets out of the car to greet his friends.

When he gets out, a look of fear replaces his cocky smile and I know something isn't right.

I look through the visor to see the other car parking. Four guys walk out and one of them had their hand behind their back.

I feel my heart beat speeding up as I wonder why Nate isn't getting back into the car. Instead he's just standing there like a deer in headlights.

I see the guys come closer and closer to Nate and I finally see the guy take his arm out from behind him.

He has a gun....

"Shit," I mumble, grabbing my head. I don't know what to do. Should I get out of the car and assist Nate? Do I lock the doors? Do I drive away?

All of my thinking is interrupted when I hear shouting. The guys are backing Nate up onto the building and Nate makes eye contact with me, desperation the only thing I can see.

I see Nate shaking his head and trying to explain something but the guys start to punch and kick him.

I don't know why we don't go out to help him, I just sit there in fear. I think I start to black out or something because the last thing I hear is a loud bang and Nate's body laying limp on the sidewalk.

"CAMERON! FUCKING DRIVE AWAY!" I hear everyone behind me shouting.

I start shouting explicit words as I climb into the drivers seat. I lock the doors and see the men look over at us. They start walking towards the car so I gun it out of the parking lot.

I don't see the men following us anymore, they probably drove the opposite way to get out of here as quick as possible.

Once I get to a familiar area that is partially lit by the streetlights, I pull over and let out a strangled cry.

Guilt eats me alive as I think of the fact that I just left my best friend alone to die.

"Get out!" I shout behind me.

All they do is look at me confused, making me even more furious.

"GET THE FUCK OUT!" I scream. They all scramble out of the car and stand on the side of the road as I turn around and speed back to where Nate is.

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