Chapter 1: Moving Out

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I sat in the back of the car with my earbuds in as dad and Clare were fighting again about who knows what. I swear all she wants is money. I watched out the window as all the animals went by, or was it me that went by? The sun was slowly setting when at 8:46pm I got a text from Jasper.
Hey babe how's your trip down here can't wait to see you. Wait can I call you babe??
Urs, Jasper
Ugh that boy is worse that a bee attracted to honey. I went to go reply when I started to get a call from Jasper.
I answered it. "Hello." Holy hell my voice was hoarse. "Hey there has been a change of plans babe your no longer my babe or whatever I've met someone okay. I hope you understand. Bye"
The line went dead. What the hell was that I mean what the duck was that?
I don't remember us ever dating. "Daring we are almost the the airport." Gosh her accent is so fake. We are moving to a country area in England. This should be fun.

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