part 1- The return

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(Gibbs' POV)

I was in the in the squad room sorting out my desk and replacing an old photo of Shannon with a picture of Jenny today was the 3-year anniversary of Jenny's death and I was trying not to show my team that I was hurting, McGee didn't notice as he didn't really notice anything that happened recently as he was still upset about Abby leaving for a while, but Tony noticed as he knew the date so he was watching out for me.

I was staring at McGee to see what he was doing but after five minutes of watching I had concluded that he was day dreaming and about Abby most Likely. Suddenly I got a phone call which made me jump I looked down at my phone to see the caller I "Abby" I knew what I was about straight away, Abby is 9 months pregnant with McGee's child but McGee doesn't know... still.

I quickly answer the phone "Gibbs" I say like I always do, "Gibbs" Abby pants "it's time" she then screams I take that that she is having a contraction "Be right there" I said getting up and quickly grabbing my coat as I walk past Dinozzo and Bishop I yell to Tony "watch McGee, I'll tell you why later" I walked into the elevator and God it couldn't have gone any slower but when it did finally hit the ground floor I ran to my car and quickly zoomed off.

(Tony's POV)

As Gibbs leaves the Bullpen Bishop and I look at each other with confusion "okay... What just happened?" Bishop said leaning on her desk "Beats me Bish, maybe he's finally got a date" I said with a laugh. Gibbs would never be in a rush for a date unless it was with Jenny or maybe it's something to do with Abby. I was Brought back of my thoughts by Bishop replying to me "Nah maybe it's Abby." She says leaning back and getting back to her work, great minds think alike I see.

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