To Tell The Truth

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My beathing quicken.

I felt Sabers breath on the back of my neck and it was sending chills down my neck. The warm water of the shower was nothing compared to the fire that was spreading in me. My hands dropped to my side as I was having my panic attack.

His arm suddenly wrap around my waist. I groaned when I felt his naked body line with mine. Saber buried his face in my neck. "Mine." He whispered his voice deeper then normal and did nothing but add more sbutter to my body. My hand balled with I felt his hard on, on my ass. "No." I bite my lip to keep from moaning as his tongue trailed my bite stopping to nibble here and there. "Yes." He growled nipping my ear, sending more shivers. I did let one lose when his hands moved though my pubic hair. Saber growl in appoveral going farther. His hand wrapped around my cock and I nearly died at how intense it was. Sparks flashed behind my eyes. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as he pumped slowly. A louder moaned sound though me increase his hands speed.

"Ahhh~." I moaned,jerking in his hand, pushed my ass back to his dick. He rocked his hips, grinding on my me. He grunted. "Oh god." I whispered Just when I thought it couldn't get any better Saber other hand slid to my balls, while the made it way to my tip. His thumb rubbed across my slit collecting the pre-cum on it."Oh mmmmh." He played with my sack squeezing it lightly then releasing. Over and over. I through my head back onto his chest eyes close lost in pleasure. I was playing with fire and loving the burn. Saber went back to pumping and I was so close. I braced my hands against the wall. The water been turn really cool. "More." I gasp as he slowed down. "What? More what." He asked gripping me tighter but even slower. I was ready to get on my knees. My finger curled on the wall. "Please.....FASTER." I beg. He growled in approvel. Speeding up inhumanly condersing he is a animal there should be no surpise. "I gonna-uhhh." I huffed dick harding more. Before I knew my body was facing his. Eyes locked. His glowed so bright full with so much lust. His pumps never stopped. I didn't have time to be embrassess or turn around because a soon as he said "Cum." I was gone. My crys probably gave away what we where doing to tje whole school if he didnt cover my mouth with his. To tell the truth I was more scared of not cumming. My crys caught in his mouth as his tongue slid in, rubbing my mouth raw in the most pleasent ways. My hips jerked as my seeds hit his thigh. At that momment when I felt his cock touch mine is when I snapped out of it. I came so fast my knee, connecting to his private. I was out the shower room in the next second. Class was well over and I rushed my cloths on deciding quickly to skip next hour.

||||||This was a part of my book "To Tell The Truth" check it out. Im open for requests.||||||
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