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(picture is Phoenix)

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 23 ~ Shirts off!

The back door opened, and everyone hearded in.

"I am SO cold!" I heard Giovanni say.

"You're not the only one," Landon muttered, I could hear his voice shaking with the chill.

I quickly tried to dry my eyes, but I wasn't fast enough.

"So that's where you went awww Severn is asleep...wait what's the matter?" Hayley frowned when she saw the tears.

"I'm fine, I really am," I said sniffing. I didn't want anyone to fuss over me.

She looked at me unconvinced, "I'm gonna warm myself up a bit, then you are going to have to spill it."

I nodded. The rest of the boys came soon after her, and they all had their hands in their pants, just like in one if the photos I had just looked at. I always wondered why guys did that, but it was probably just to keep them warm.

I sank deeper into Severn's duvet, so that they didn't notice me. Landon was putting his ice cold hands down Walters neck who in return elbowed him hard in the ribs. Gomez and Giovanni had started singing Christmas songs, which earned them a push from Phoenix. Just brotherly banter I figured. They were all shivering, and nearly all of them walked straight past. Nearly.

"Hey what's wrong?" Eli asked me frowning.


He sat down on the arm of the other sofa. "Don't lie to me."

I sighed, "Then I don't wanna talk about it."

Eli looked at me closely, his eyes landing on Severn who was still asleep, then he saw the photo album.

"Where you looking through..." He trailed off jumping to his feet.

I didn't know what to say, instead tears started falling again..I wished that I wasn't so damn weak all the time.

Eli ran a hand through his hair, "Did you see...?"

"Eunice," I finished for him, making him wince.

"Who let you? Who told you?" Eli was almost gasping for breath.

"Calm down," I choked.

He sat down again abruptly. He looked so broken, his face creased in pain and the dark blonde hair looking dishevelled and flopping over his forehead.

I managed to stop crying, but my voice was still shaking. "Eli, I know you are hurting, please I didn't want to intrude. Walter already told me this morning, and Severn talked me through what happened....I'm sorry...I really didn't know Eu - "

"Don't say her name," Eli snapped, glaring at me.

I shut my mouth, by bottom lip trembling uncontrollably. Hayley chose that exact moment to walk back in.

She looked between the two of us. "What's going on?"

"Nothing," Eli muttered walking out so quickly, Hayley had to move out of his way.

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