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A/N If you haven't read any of my other stories (hint hint) this is where I put the authors note which normally goes on longer than is good for anyone. This is the normal 'Oh no, I'm betrayed,' chapter so bear with me because it will hopefully get more original as the story progresses. Also, just a warning that I can't spell. I try to google what I mean, but sometimes even it doesn't know what I mean, but hopefully you will. Oh yeah, I have a goal of about 1000 words per a part, but sometimes I don't meet that, so that's how long you can expect them to be. I don't have an update schedule, but I try to at least once a week. This is in Percy's PoV, unless it says otherwise.  Warning: this says one bad word that will never be mentioned again. On with the story!

This day has just been great. Note my use of sarcasm. I'll start out with what happened at camp. *Flashback!* I woke up to find Nico in cabin. "Hey, what are you doing in here?" I asked, still groggy from just waking up. "Annabeth wants to see you right away on the beach, and before you go there, I'm really sorry." Then he did the most un-Nico like thing: he hugged me. What?! "Um... thanks, looks like I better get going," I told him. "Oh, right, sorry," he awkwardly said as he put his hands at his side, then he added, "don't tell anyone I did that." "Alright, now out!" After he left I got dressed and headed to the beach.

(Sorry for interrupting this, but I don't think Annabeth would really do anything that I'm having her do, just saying.) When I got down there I saw her. The weird thing is that I saw her kiss a kid on the cheek as he left. I thought, 'It was probably just Malcolm or someone.' So I wasn't really mad about that. I finished walking up to her and asked, "What can I do for ya?" She answered with a sneer, "Well first you can get out of my sight and never call me your girlfriend. You can never touch or even talk to me." To say I was shocked is an understatement. Before I could even react she turned around, and in doing so her hair whipped me right in the face. I just stood there for a couple minutes, completely shocked.

Next Nico came up to me and hugged me again. He knew she was going to do that. I could only say one thing, "Why?" "Yesterday Luke's brother showed up at camp," he said as if that explained everything, and it did. (Man, this would be a good place to stop. Alas we are only at about 460) I had another question, "How?" I was still just standing there, staring at the place where she used to be. "She was using you to make people jealous. She really is a master plan maker." I finally snapped out of whatever trance I was in and I was filled with more anger than any other emotion and said, "That Annabitch means nothing to me."  I'm pretty sure both of us knew that was a lie. I could feel the ocean start to get restless, waves crashing hard against the shore, it was going out further trying to get to it's clearly angry controller. That also explained why my friends were drifting away. She must have told them what she was going to do, and they all would rather be friends with her than me. Except Nico.

Just as I was about to let all of my anger out of me through making a quite big tsunami, my anger decided to come out in a different way. All of the sudden the earth was shaking, hard and fast. Everyone left the beach that was there after they saw what she did. They probably could tell that I was getting really mad. So the only person that was really injured from it was Nico, but I think he was prepared for it. After about a full minute of vigorous shaking, the ground finally calmed down. I just ran to my cabin, heartbroken. When I got in there, Chiron seemed to be waiting for me.

"You have caused to much destruction and Mr. D ordered to have you banished. You have thirty minutes. I'm sorry, Percy." Once again, minutes wasted because of shock. When I got over that, I packed my bag. A couple outfits, pictures, and some nector and ambrosia. I put on my shield that Tyson fixed, in watch form, and made sure that Riptide was in my pocket. With that I ran up to Thalia's pine tree, and hugged Peleus. Just like that, I was off. I started to head towards my mom's apartment. When I got there I knocked on the door and it was answered my my mom. (Once again, she definitely wouldn't do this)"Hey mom. Listen, I got kicked ou-" "No, you listen. I am going to have a kid and I don't them to be constantly attacked by monsters, so you are never welcome here." Next I left, shocked for a third time. I think it's a new record. *Flashback over!* And that's where I am currently. After getting kicked out of everywhere that I have called home, and walking through the streets of New York, at night.

Finally I came across an alley way that looked not as bad as the rest and set up camp there. I somewhat slept. There weren't any dreams, but that's probably because I wasn't asleep long enough for there to be any. After a very fitful sleep I got up and was about to leave when a pretty big wolf stalked up to me. I know what you're thinking, 'A wolf in New York and Percy is afraid of it?' Well, yes. It acted like a monster and it seemed like it wanted a Percy pancake. I quickly drew Riptide and got in a defensive stance. It started to prowl around me. I moved with it. After it went full circle, the wolf attacked. I rolled under it's pounce and stabbed it. My sword just went straight through it. Schist! It must be a werewolf and I'm currently fresh out of silver.

As I was momentarily distracted by thinking (yes, I do that sometimes) it took it's opening and bit my sword arm, causing me to drop Riptide. When I started to think 'I'm done for,' I noticed that I am still alive, weird. I opened my eyes and discovered why. It was just a pile of golden dust.

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