My dirty minded teacher

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Louis pov

I hate school. I always hated the first day. I always hated getting up, but yet I still chose to be a teacher. I was going to quit, go back to school, but that was before he walked into my class room. A incident 16 year old bi boy with his hole life a head of him, it also happened to have me bending him over my desk in the near future included.

I can't even stand up in that class because that kid gives me a raging hard on. saying I want to fuck this kid doesn't even come close. I want to tear this kid apart. I want him to feel everything. breath in the smell of sex in the room......

Some people call it 'perverted' or 'disturbed' to want to fuck your student.... or some one who's 16 but I find it..... exhilarating.

Fucking. turns. me. On. Mm.

The only problem is that this kid has the sexual knowledge of a 5 year old.

So incident... so young.... So..... perfect.

But I can share some knowledge.


I was sitting at my desk, watching as harry writes down his English notes for the day. It's kinda obvious, it resting my on elbows, hands on my chin, making heart eyes at him. His so focused on his studies, a very hard working student. Very kind. Very polite. Very fuckable.....

10 more minutes.

10 more minutes and class is over, the day is over. Just breath. Don't do anything stupid.

"Harry, can I see you after class?"

To late.

He looks up and smiled at me.

"Of course sir." harry replies.

I glance down at my grading book In front of me.

"Lucky, tell me what his ass fells like."

Niall. Harrys best friend. I couldn't help but giggle. They go silent. I look back up to see a very inbarised Niall Horan. I shut my grading book and stand up.

"I think it would be the other way around Horan." I giggle as I walk out of the classroom, just catching the classroom full of stunned people and a blushing, but confused harry.

I stood outside the door and lessened to the conversations going on inside.

"Duuuuude, the teachers so going to fuck you after class."

Yup, that would be Liam.

"Why would he want to do that?" Harry asked.

"Maybe he likes idiots." Liam said.

I heard a smack."Shut up, sorry not all of us have a dirty mind and our hands down every girl who breaths pants." harry said.

"The teacher stills going to bang you... are you clean?" Niall asked.

I could almost picture his red cheeks."God!.... Yes but the teacher isn't going to fuck me, he doesn't even like me."

Ouch. that hurts.

"Come on, he's been pinning for you since you walked in." Niall said.

I heard harry shuffle in his seat."Do you really think he want to Like..... have sex." harry whispered at the end and I had to hold back my laugh.

"Oh my god your so stupid, yes have sex you precious idiot, God your lucky I love you lad, because you would die on your own." Liam said.

"No need to be mean." harry said.

"Shut up and lesson because I love you and you may only get one shot at this, first don't cum in two seconds, it's kinda a turn off. Second, be dirty, filthy puppy eyes and moans that put porn starts to shame-don't ask what porn is- thirdly, enjoy it dude, it's your V-card and your about to lose it to fucking God himself." Liam said.


"And his ass if unhuman, fucking perfect, round plump... fuck your lucky dude. I'd pay to be you." Niall said.

Hm, maybe.

I heard the 'sh's as I walked back into the classroom. I sat back down and pretended not to see the giggles between the boys. When the bell rang kids piled out. The boys where the last to leave. Harry walked up to my desk. We looked over at Niall giving him a cheesy grin and a thumbs up. Liam pushed him, almost tripping him. I heard them giggle as they walked away. Harry shook his head and turnt back to me.

"Sorry, there idiots." Harry said.

I stood up, walked over and pressed my back against the door until it shut. I reached up and locked it. I walked back over and leant against my desk.

"There not wrong you know?" Harry "swallowed hard. I turned around and put my wait on my arms as I leaned against my desk again."The thing I want to do to you." I loved the way his eyes are darting around."Do you want me to, fuck you that is. Say the word and I'll fuck you so hard against this desk you won't sit right for a week." I totally didn't still that from a porn. Nope. .....

"Mr. Tomlinson, isn't that illegal?"


"Then Why-?"

"Because I like exciting. I won't lie, you get me so turned on I can't think straight. It's exciting to think someone so innocent has that kinda power over me." I said pushing off my desk and walking over in front of him."So, what do you say?"


"Fuck!" Harry moaned back arching as I Thrusted deep, hitting his prostate for the umpteenth time."louis fuck, please."

I couldn't help but smile at the first name. I picked up my pace."Your so tight. God I could do this all day."

"Louis please.....Uh!" I felt his thighs trembling, and him clench around me as he tried to fight back his orgasm.

I reached round to play with his slit, teasing it.

"Oh god!"

"Cum baby." I whispered.


I lost it. Hearing Those words roll of his tongue. I couldn't handle it.

"I love you."

"I love you to."


"You did what?! Do you have any idea how fucked up and illegal that is?!" My roommate Zayn asked after I told him why I was so late."Thats fucked up dude." Zayn giggled shaking his head."Your luck Your my friend or I would call you sick."

I smirked before standing up and heading out of the room."People always said I was dirty minded."

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