Dare #1 Bath Time!

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May have some cursing. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Naomi: Where the f**k are we..
Me: And welcome to truth or dare, I'm your host, Sherin, but DO NOT CALL ME SHERI OR ELSE... sooo your being a curious one Naomi..
Satoshi: Why are we in a bathroom?
Me: Umm... that's for later, anyway you have been summoned here TO COMPLETE 100 DARES and a couple of truths...
Everybody: 100?!
Me: Fine, since I'm going to be nice it's only 50 dares you have to do in order to get out of here and just telling you now, there is NO WAY you get out, unless I decide to send you to heavenly host.
Naomi: Why were we summoned here?
Me: Cuz I like to have a little fun.
Suddenly lighting zaps the room and a giant spinning wheel appeared.
Me: Truth, Dare,Truth, YES DARE!!!
*reads card* I dare Naomi and Seiko to go and have a bath together again!
Seiko: *gasps*
Satoshi: What the-
Naomi: I'm not doing that again...
Seiko: YES YES YES YAS YAS YAS YAS!!!!! *takes off Naomi's clothes*
Me: *throws rubber ducky* Have fun!
An hour later...
Me: So how was it?
If you guys can suggest in the comments more dares you want me to do, that would be great!

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