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" Kongou - san, Kaga - San, Agaki - sempai, where are you?", asked a young girl, in an

out of season fog. She has Black hair, in a low pony tail, wearing a Japanese - style

girl's sailor school uniform, accept, she wore Royal Blue socks, with White trim and

anchors embroidered on them, and some kind of metal plating over Brown Shoes.

She has a pack, looking like something from an old battleship, also she carries something

like a modern warship turret. On her legs, she had something like, torpedo tubes.

But, this mystery girl is in the middle of the Atlantic, standing there. " Bucky, Bucky,

is that you?", another female voice replied. Out of the fog was a woman, with pale skin,

long Brown hair, big Brown eyes, wearing a Shinto Priestess' detached sleeve top,

pleated Red skirt, and high heel, Brown, leg - length boots. With her, were two women

one with long, Black hair, a Priestess' short sleeve top, Brown eyes, pleated Red skirt,

leg - length, White, Tapis. With her, was another woman. Her Black hair, was done in

a pony tail, to the left side of her head. She had the same top and armor of her friend,

accept, her skirt was, Royal Blue, and Tapis was Black. Both other women, wore the

traditional sandals, accept, they had, what was looked like, ship hulls on the bottoms.

And, both women, had part of aircraft carriers and bows and arrows with them.

The first girl, hugged the three slightly older girls, and Kongou said, " We need to hold

hands, so we don't get lost, in this fog." The four girls, ' sailed ' forward to where they

though was familiar. " The Naval District, we're home!" , exclaimed Kongou.

As, the clearing fog area, revealed more, the four women were shocked. " I don't think,

this is The Naval District, Kongou - San.", Fubuki said. The women were treated to

the sight of Warships, docked at piers. " Where's the barracks, Maiya's Snack Shop,

the Command Center?", asked Kongou. Seeing a small dock, connected to the

larger ones. The girls, climbed on the dock and removed the armor, which not only

protected their feet, but allowed them to ' sail '. Then, they continued on.

Two Marine guards, stood at a warehouse. " * growls * Stupid fog.", one guard said.

" What's with you?", the other asked. " Had a date, with a Hot girl in town. Had to

cancel, because of this fog.", guard one replied. " Excuse me, excuse me, gentlemen.",

Kongou said. The guards, seen the woman running to them, and the other three.

' One is too young, but the others are, absolutely H-O-T !', thought the guards.

At The Brownstone, a young girl, with small pig tails, in her Black hair. Wearing a

Grey hoodie, with a White star, on the back. A White T-Shirt, with a Blue star on front.

She also wore dark shorts, with long, dark, socks, and Hi-top Basketball shoes, with

stars on them. " Don't worry Mom, I'm doing O.k., O.k., tell everyone I love them.