"Shouldn't they be back by now?" T-dog asks.

"It's still light. We shouldn't worry just yet... How you feelin'?" Dale asks T-Dog, referring to his bandaged cut-- he just nods. "T-dog, I just asked you a question. Please don't blow it off." 

"It really, really hurts. It's throbbing something awful." .

"Let me see." I walk over to T-dog and lift up his bandage. 

He grunts in pain. "Don't-don't touch it," he grabs my wrist. 

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry," I say, while T-dog removes his hand from my wrist. "Your viens, they're discolored; You've got  infection. You could die if we can't get the right stuff." 

Laughing, T-dog says, "Oh, man, wouldn't that be the way? World gone to hell, the dead risen up to eat the living, and Theodore Douglas gets done in by a cut on his arm." 

"We gotta get you some antibiotics," I say, seeing that he's going delirious.

"We've been ransacking these cars the whole time. I can't believe we haven't found some ampicillin, or something in the whole place," Dale adds.

"Well, we haven't been thorough enough." I told him.

He nods, and we start looking.  Thinking that most of the cars near have been checked, I walk down the highway more. I open a car and look in the dashboard, eventually. Finding a cigarette pack, I mutter, "Thank the Lord Jesus." I take out a cigarette and stick it into my mouth. I walk over to Daryl's bike for a lighter and dig through his bags. I find a plastic bag with a bunch of prescription bottles in it. As I start to pull the bag out, Daryl and most of the rest of the group come out of the woods. I put it back in his bag and quickly grab the lighter I just spotted.

"Carl's been shot!'' Glenn said.

"Shot? What do you mean shot?" Dale asked, confused.

"I don't know. All I know is Shane, Rick, and Carl went off on their own, and then on our way back here this girl rides in on a horse and takes Lori." 

"You let her?" 

"Rick sent her. She knew Lori's name and Carl's." Daryl said with the same annoyed look on his face.

"The girl wants us to go to their farmhouse." Glenn told us.

"I won't do it. We can't just leave." Carol was looking at everyone, hoping that people would agree with her.

"Carol, the group is split. We're scattered and weak." Dale said, leaning against his RV.

"What if she comes back, and we're not here?" 

"If Sophia found her way back and we were gone, that would be awful." Andrea commented.

"Okay. I say tomorrow mornin' is soon enough to pull up stakes. Give us a chance to make a big sign, leave her some supplies. I'll hold here tonight, stay with the RV." I said.

"If the RV is stayin', I am, too." Dale spoke.

"Thank you both." Carol told us.

I'm not the type of person that apologizes. So, I figured I'll be helpful with finding Sophia instead of apologizing for blowing up on Carol.

 "I'm in." Andrea said.

"I am, too." Daryl added.

"Well, if you all are stayin', then I'm--" Glenn started.

"No, not you, Glenn. You're going. Take Carol's Cherokee." Dale stopped Glenn.

"Me? Why is it always me?" Glenn asked.

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