chappy 13!

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 I was at band practice when I got the call from Nikki, telling me that she knew I was cheating on her. She broke up with me, and I took my frustration out on my guitar.

..... A few songs and broken strings later....

Dude, guys! Come look at this! Kyle yelled as he shopped online randomly during our ten minute break. We all ran over to the computer, knowing it was more than a cool shirt he wanted us to look at. We were right when we saw a picture of a skater-looking dude and a girl who looked like Nikki on Alex Evans' blog site. The title read, "My new friend Nikki" Going on to read the blog he explained that Nikki unexpectedly stopped by, and was sad because she just ended 'a complicated relationship with someone.' After saying this he explains that he suggested the two make out, knowing that Nikki already liked Stephen; the skater guy,  for awhile through their few texting conversations. He got some pretty good pictures and Alexandre goes on explaining how the two exchanged numbers and most likely went home horny. The article ended and, attached at the bottom were a few model-esque pictures of Nikki. A few had Stephen in the pictures making cliche'd poses together. A comment on one of the pictures caught my eye. The picture showed Nikki sitting on the top of a kiddy slide with a really pretty forest in the backround. The comment was from a modelling agent, asking Nikki if she would be interested in a modelling job. There was a number attached at the end, and I wondered if Nikki saw this yet. I snapped out of my thoughts consisting of how did she get over me that fast? when Kyle punched me really hard. I saw all of the guys surrounding me with pouty faces on. "Why didn't you tell us that Nikki was thinking about being a model?" Kyle asked. "Yeah dude, I could've introduced her to my parents... They work for seventeen magazine." Austin said. "So that's why you always tell us what to wear for shows.. I just thought you were turning gay." John said, laughing slightly. "Dude shutup! My parents bring home hot interns that I can hook up  with to the house when they visit, and I guess I just pick up some of their habits." Austin argued back.  My phone vibrated and I saw a text from Nikki... That's weird. It said, 'Just wanted to let you know I'm now a model, and I'm having a party to celebrate tonight! Bring the guys if you want to, unless you're all too busy for me.'

"Ten minute break is over dudes!" Kyle yelled. "Wait! Nikki texted, she's now officially a model. She's havin a party at hers tonight. Do you guys wanna go?" I asked them. "Ehh, sure.. I miss my Icky Nikki! And dude, you guys just broke up... Will you be ok to see her tonight?" Kyle said. His nickname for her is Icky Nikki because her name is Nikki Echo and to rhyme something, the best he got was Icky that barely sounds like Echo but hey, who cares. It stuck on all the guys by now. "Screw practice, let's go! I can help you guys get ready, too!" Austin yelled out. "You sure you aren't gay, Bello? And Kyle; I'll be fine seeing her tonight... I think." I said with a semi-fake smile on my face.  To be honest I have no idea how I'll react seeing Nikki tonight. Knowing that she made out with that Stephen guy, probably minutes after breaking up with me, made my heart ache and I just hope that I won't let my temper get the best of me. I'm mostly going to this party to tell her congrats, then I'll probably leave early.  Then again, it's been awhile since I've been to a good party, who knows what'll happen tonight.....

A/N: Next chapter is the party! It's going to take me awhile to get it up, though, because my life's been really busy.