Chapter 3

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||Shaylee's POV||

The party had turned into a more club sort of party. So I smiled and began dancing with the other young guests. The older people where hanging in the lounges that had been set up around the sides of the room.

Soon one of my favorite songs came on; turn me on by Kevin lyttle!

I began moving my hips to the music, I have always been a good dancer.

I have secretly taken all kind of dance classes, like ballet, hip hop, street dance, some gymnastic too and others, without my parents knowing.

I soon felt hands on my hips, I didn't mind.

"So the princess can dance.?" i heard his voice fill my ears.

I was about to leave when his arms tightened on my waist. "we got audience so behave.!" He said low in my ear.

"And why would I do that?" I swayed my hips more, while smirking.

" I would stop that, or this will lead to something else..." He said low and turned me around so that I was pressed up against his chest.

I just remembered that I don't know his name..

"Whats your name?" I asked.

"Logan Hilton, princess." He chuckled.

" You do know that I'm not gonna marry you, right?" I said with a frown.

"We will just have to wait and see won't we?" He smirked.

Cocky bastard.

I tried getting away from him again, but damn Logan's strong.!

"And where do you think you're going?" He smirked

"Umm, to the bathroom.." He just smiled and let go. Yes!

It wasn't a lie that I had to go to the bathroom. Because I really need to pee...
I finally found the bathroom after asking one of the maids for help.

After doing my thingy, I wash my hands and put on some new lipgloss.

As I walk out of the bathroom I see two buff men standing across the hall leaning against the wall with their arms crossed.

"Miss Shaylee?" One of them asks he has blond hair and green eyes. The other one looks exactly like the other except he has blue eyes. They mus be twins..

"Yes, and are you two twins?" I couldn't help it I'm curious okay..

They looked at me like I was crazy..I mean two very buff men are standing in front of me and all I think of is if they're twins, I would be shocked too..

"You got that right, this is Chris and my names Chase." Chase the blue eyed twin introduced and pointed at his green eyed twin Chris.

"cool, nice to meet you guys, but I gotta go.." I waved and began walking back to the party.

"I don't think so, we got orders from Logan." Chris said, and grabbed my left arm in a strong grip. Chase came up and grabbed my right arm. they had a strong grip but not enough to hurt me.

" Awesome.... The asshole thinks he owns me!" I said getting angry and I began to move my arms trying to get out of their hold on me.

" Shaylee we don't wanna hurt you so please cooperate..?" Chase said and looked at me.

".....where are we going..." I sighed, knowing that I couldn't get out of their grip, so it would be hopeless and a waist of energy.

"His room..." they said and looked straight ahead where there was a big double door.

"just great, If I don't come out in 10 min. you guys gotta get out of here. please..?" I turned to them. they looked worried, but nodded.

"good, well here goes nothing." I sighed and walked inside.

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