Tomomi didn't understand the fear she felt as she stood just outside of the small café, peering through the window and at the group of students she was supposed to be meeting. She didn't understand why her footsteps stalled just outside of the entrance and why the nervousness ran through her as if it were taking over... At least, that was what Tomomi wished she could think and feel. She wished she didn't understand why she felt the feelings of fear over facing the entire group today; she wished she could forget the pressure she felt over the things she had said yesterday. But she couldn't

The brunette knew clearly why the fear coursed through her veins and why her hands fidgeted in a nervous manner, pulling at her uniform or pulling on the strap of her bag. She didn't want to admit it but Tomomi knew that the undeniable fear was because Tomomi worried about messing up and revealing her words to any of the girls. Even if she didn't say it directly to Mami, she knew the girls would tell the blonde. There was certainly no way any of them would be willing to keep something like that from Mami. No matter what, the blonde would figure it out eventually.

What was Tomomi scared of though? Was she scared of Mami's anger or was she scared of the idea that Mami might hate her for telling the police everything she knew? Tomomi wanted it to be the latter. She didn't want to feel far over the idea of Mami's anger potentially hurting her. Tomomi knew – she believed  in – Mami and she knew that Mami wouldn't hurt her. Even if Mami didn't feel exactly the same way that Tomomi did, the brunette knew that Mami felt something. Mami cared and Tomomi would like to believe that the blonde would never hurt Tomomi if she truly cared for the teenager.

Tomomi should her head hard, her locks flying into her face and a heavy sigh leaving her lips. Enough of this. She had to go inside and meet with the others... She had to be more like them and face what could potentially go wrong. She couldn't be the fearful little girl anymore... She didn't want to be the fearful little girl anymore... She wanted to be more like Mami – more like all of them.

Attempting to steel her nerves, Tomomi pushed the door to the café open, hearing the light jingle of the small bell that hung above the little café's doors. Her eyes shifted around the building, seeing everyone inside enjoying their time in the peaceful environment. Her gaze made it to her own group, taking notice of what each of them were doing. She could notice Sumire and Yukako sitting side by side, a notebook in between them with Sumire scribbling something down on the paper and Yukako's eyebrows furrowed together in a combination of confusion and frustration.

Beside them sat Aina, pecking away at the keyboard on her phone before snapping it shut with what appeared to be a sigh and looked over at Mami. She gulped lightly, her eyes locking on the blonde who was seated back in the chair, an arm stretched forward and gripping onto the spoon she spun lightly in the heated drink. Tomomi couldn't help but notice the seemingly bored expression on Mami's face. Was something bothering the blonde or were the other girls merely annoying Mami? It wouldn't be the first time Mami had grown annoyed with her friends' antics, especially if something prior was on the blonde's mind and already making her feel agitated.

Tomomi shook her head again, moving her messenger bag further up her shoulder and walking towards the table. As she neared the group, she could hear Aina begin to speak in a low tone that sounded much louder in the quiet café.

"I'm sorry, Mami, but I can't track Haruna's phone," Aina said in a hushed whisper. Her words made Mami glance up to her but the short haired brunette received no response in return. "I don't understand it. In this day and age, it's not hard to track a cell phone's location. Anyone can do it and yet... I can't find a trace of Haruna's phone anywhere. It's almost as if someone shut it off completely."

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