05 || Her Decision and His Feelings

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Sidharth sighed a breath of relief. Finally he was done with it! And now he'd just relax and that automatically made him smile. As he was collecting all the unused stuff, Aditya came there and exclaimed, "Wow Sid! This is so awesome! Amaira will be so much happy to see all these decorations! You have done a great job baby bro!" 

Sidharth smiled hearing his brothers' compliment. He raised his collar in pride and replied saying, "Thanks a lot Bhai for your compliment! But anyway I had to make it all perfect after all my princess is turning six today! And you know well such a perfectionist I am!" He winked at Aditya at the end of his statement. 

Aditya rolled his eyes and said with a grimace, "Some people just seek opportunities to praise themselves! I know very well who's perfection it is. Khushali had planned all this and you just executed it. So please don't take her credit." 

Sidharth flared his nostrils and grumpily said, "Haan haan only your darling sister-in-law is capable of such perfection na? She just gave me an idea that how I should do the arrangements, rest I did on my own!"

Meher who was passing from there, saw the brothers bickering with each other and came towards them. She smiled seeing the brothers argue like little kids and said appraisely, "Waise Sidharth, you and Khushu really complement each other. Like she gave you the idea for this party and you executed it so well! What a perfect couple you both are! God bless you both!" 

"Yes Meher is right Sid. You guys do complement each other and that's really nice," Aditya agreed with Meher.

Sidharth blushed a bit and shyly responded, "Thank you both! Now I'm just going to relax. Good night people!" As he left from there, both Aditya and Mehar laughed at his kiddish behaviour.

"Amaira, baby sit properly! I can't make your hairs if you keep on moving like this!" said Khushali, who was brushing Amaira's hair. Khushali was dressing up Amaira for her 6th birthday party. But she was facing trouble in making Amaira's hair as Amaira kept moving and didn't kept still. 

Amaira groaned and said in her baby voice, "Massi do it fast na. My friends must be coming soon here. It's my birthday party na! I don't want to make my friends wait." 

Khushali again tried to fix her hair but no progress. At last she gave up and said exhaustively, "I can't make your hair Amaira. I'll tell Di to do your hair. Very sorry darlin'!"

Amaira frowned at her aunt and got up grumpily to go to her room when her uncle dearest came to his wife's rescue. "Arre don't be angry princess, your uncle is here na. He'll make you hair just like those of the Disney princesses," Amaira's dearest uncle said.

Amaira looked at her uncle and asked with hope, "Really Chachu? You'll make my hair just like a Disney Princess?" 

Sidharth pinched her cheeks softly and said, "Yes princess just like that. After all you're my princess na! Chalo I'll get you ready." Saying so Sidharth scooped Amaira in his arms and made her sit comfortably on the bed. He then looked at his wife and said, "Khushali pass me comb and those pins and clips kept on the table." His wife quickly passed him all that he asked for and stood aside to see him make their niece's hair.

After ten minutes, Sidharth was done making Amaira's hair and said, "Now princess look in the mirror and tell me whether you like it or not, okay?" 

Amaira looked in the mirror and smiled at her uncle. "Thank you so much Chachu!!" Amaira kissed her uncle's cheeks and ran out of Khushali and Sidharth's room. 

As she left the room, Khushali clapped for her husband and said appreciatively, "Wow Sidharth! I didn't know you can even make a girls' hair. I wonder how many talents you've been hiding."

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