chapter ten

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I awoke from my restless sleep and yawned rather loudly, stretching my body so that I was sprawled out on the bed. After rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I got to my feet and waltzed into the bathroom.

"Oh my god," I said when I saw that Rouge was in there, a towel wrapped around his waist. I averted my eyes and he chuckled.

"I don't see what's so funny," I accused before walking out and back into the bedroom.

When I saw him again, he was dressed in pants and an off white t-shirt. "It's just amusing at how innocent you are," he stated. I squinted my eyes then rolled them.

"Who said I'm innocent? For all you know I could sell my body and like, have some disease," I spat the last word and put my hands on my hips.

"But you don't," he replied, "because you're innocent." His accustomed smirk was planted upon his face.

"Whatever," I avoided his gaze and went back into the bathroom, shutting the lockless door. I looked into the mirror and gasped. I was a mess; my hair was showing the signs of neglection, my body was different shades of blue, green, and purple, and I had lost more weight than necessary. Touching the rat's nest on my head, made anger come up, "Rouge," I yelled.

"Yes?" he called out, annoyed. The door swung open, and I moved just in time to not be hit by it.

"I need a hairbrush. Oh, and I want a toothbrush, too," I told him. "And what are you going to do when I start my.." I trailed off and blushed.

"There are uh 'supplies' in the girls' room," he informed me.

"Girls' room? They get a room to themselves? While I'm stuck here with you?" I was completely dumbstruck until I remembered the room in which I was shown when I first arrived.

"Yes, and until you can be trusted not to run away at night, you will sleep in here," he slurred menacingly.

"Then how will I get the stuff I need?" I asked, looking for a reason to stay with the girls. He mumbled something inaudible before leaving the bathroom and shutting the door. I did my business and came out to lay back down. Just as my head hit the pillow, Rouge barged back in.

"Get up," he commanded, and I groaned into the comforter. I felt his hand on my lower back so I jumped up and stood. He had a cardboard box in his other hand and thrusted it towards me.

Inside was everything I would need; from a toothbrush and floss to ponytails and a hairbrush to tampons and pads plus more. My cheeks turned a bright crimson shade as I walked briskly towards the drawer where my clothes were held and dropped the box inside.

"Why the rush?" he mocked. I waited until the blushing subsided then turned to face him.

"What's for breakfast?" I asked, changing the subject. He gave an awkward smile before walking out the room so I followed.

"River I'm sorry," an unfamiliar voice rang from the kitchen. I widened my eyes at the sight before me. "I'm so sorry for whatever I did," she said in a begging way. River had a gun pointed at a girl with fire red hair. Her nose was bleeding onto her skin tight tshirt as she layed on the floor sprawled out on her stomach. My first instinct was to scream, and then I ran over and stood in front of her.
"What the fuck are you doing?" I questioned while gesturing towards the gun. My voice was loud and drowned out the quiet sobs from behind me.

"Move," he demanded, but I stood my ground, shaking my head.

"I'm not letting you hurt her," I tried to reply strongly, but it came out in a whisper. He hadn't moved the gun that was now pointed at my legs which shielded the unknown girl's head.

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