Sarah's point of view:

Sharp pains in my abdomen kept me conscious. I felt blow after blow until suddenly they stopped. The cough that erupted from me was throaty and rough.

"Okay, don't kill her," I heard a voice say from above me. I was currently in a fetal position, holding my throbbing stomach. Another cough ripped from my throat, and I tasted a metallic taste that I knew to be blood. I layed my head on the cold, hard floor and felt a great relief flood over me.

Soon afterwards, or perhaps hours later, I heard Kenzie's worried, high-pitched voice come from beside me.

"Sarah, can you hear me? Are you okay?" She was frightened like always, and I felt a small, unwanted smile explode on my face. "You okay?" she repeated, louder.

When I tried to nod my head, a indescribable pain came from above my ribcage, a scream left my lips.

"Ace! Rouge, somebody!" she was yelling. I heard hurried footsteps join us in the kitchen. I was lifted from the ground into the arms of my kidnapper, Ace. I shot my eyes open and tried to squirm away from his grip only to have a feeling of fire to react in my stomach, resulting in another scream. I quickly yet reluctantly relaxed. My breathing hitched, and I shut my eyes tight.

"Go get something to numb the pain. Hurry!" Rouge's voice called out, strained. I was put on the scratchy couch on my back. I sensed Ace leaning over me and then felt the presence of his hand upon my forehead.

"I need you to open your mouth, Sarah," he said and I silently obeyed. I cold, nasty liquid ran down my throat, and the stinging pains quickly faded away. I struggled to stay alert.

"You're going to be okay," Kenzie yelped, sounding unsure. I finally was able to nod without screaming out. I then felt the absence of Ace's hand and sighed in relief. I peeled my eyelids open and glanced around the living room. Rouge, Ace, and Kenzie sat around me. I heard a muffled scream from down the hall and figured it was Blakely.

"Where is she?" I breathed. They knew who I was talking about, but the boy's shot each other a worried glance.

"River and Riz have her," Kenzie whispered into my ear, looking over her shoulder down the hall. I grimaced at the mention of their names. Another muffled scream escaped from her.

"I wanna see her," I barked at Ace, who looked away. "I want to see her!" I repeated louder. "Please!"

"I'll see what I can do," he replied leaving the room. I stared up at Rouge then looked away again. His brown eyes melted into him and made him look vulnerable. He seemed distraught.

"They said no," Ace's voice called out when he reappeared. I dropped my jaw, and tried to stand. My body was numb so I fell back down to the couch with a groan of frustration.

"Let me see her," I screamed. "Please, Ace," I said a little softer. He smiled at me pathetically and shook his head.

I glanced at Kenzie who got the clue and helped me to stand. "If she can't come to me, I'll go to her," I said and leaned into Kenzie as we attempted our walk to Blakely.


Back to Blakely's point of view:

"Sarah is asking to see Blakely," Ace called out, coming into Rouge's room where I was being held down on the bed and straddled by Riz. I tried to scream, but River's sweaty hand was slapped over my mouth, making it muffled.

"Well, tell her no," Riz stated, annoyed. Ace nodded and simply left. I tried to kick out of Riz's grip only to have River grab my thigh above my knee. Resulting in another attempted scream.

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