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Pen Your Pride

Hi guys. Just before i start writing chapter 8, i just want to make a shoutout to Kelsexyx who posted a lovely comment praising my fanfic character and told me to keep it up. And a few others who are equally very encouraging. So this chapter is for you guys. Enjoy!

The next day, Daryl, Andrea, Dale, Carol and I moved to the farm that the woman who had saved Andrea and taken Lori to see Carl. It was safe and big. It belonged to a man named Herschel Green and he lived there with his daughters, Maggie and Beth along with Beth's boyfriend Jimmy, a farmhand, another farmhand called Otis, who we learned upon arrival had died while retrieving medical supplies for Carl with Shane, and his now- widow, Patricia. 

Glenn and T-Dog had travelled there while we had been looking for Sophia last night. Funny how i hadn't noticed Glenn's absence. I guess I had been too tired when we'd got back. Maggie was a tall girl with short brown hair and a tomboyish personality. Obviously, she was distraught because of Otis's death but I found that our personalities were kind of similar. Beth was a short 16 year old with long blonde hair and a shy personality. She was being comforted by Jimmy.

The person I was most concerned about was Carl. I asked Glenn if I could see him. Glenn nodded, but  his attention was focused on Maggie for some reason. i didn't think any of it as i was more worried about Carl. I told Daryl that I was going to see Carl. He nodded and said, "Give the kid my regards and Rick." I nodded and entered the house and went to the room where Carl was resting.

Lori and Rick looked up from Carl's bed when I came in. I smiled as a way of a greeting at them. Rick smiled at me. "Angel, hi, are you and the group alright?" He asked me.

I nodded. "Hi, Rick. Yeah, we're all fine. Is Carl ok?" I asked back.

Just as Rick began to reply, Carl stirred and mumured "Sophia?"

Lori burst into tears of relief and hugged Rick. Rick smiled and so did I. Carl was alive! Thank you, god, if you actually do exist I thought.

Carl seemed to hear my voice. "Angel?" he murmured.

"I'm here, Carl." I replied, going to his bedside.

He smiled weakly. "Is Sophia alright?" He asked me.

My eyes darted to Rick and Lori. Rick looked at me as if to say, "Is she?"

I bit my lip. i didn't want to cause him any more stress about Sophia still missing. The kid had been through a lot. I took a deep breath and answered him. "Sophia's fine, trust me, Carl." I replied.

He smiled again at me and dropped off back to sleep. Rick smiled at me. "Have you found her yet?" He asked, his voice full of hope. Lori looked at me.

I sighed and shook my head. "We haven't. Sorry Rick. But we'll find her. I know we will." I responded.

Rick nodded. "You're right." He said. Lori smiled at me. I smiled back half-heartedly. I wanted so much to ask Rick what Jenner had wispered to him. How it concerned me. But I knew it was the wrong place and time. I needed to know, so I ressolved to ask him later.

Just then Glenn came in. "Um, guys, they're holding a funeral for Otis and we've been asked to attend." He told us.

Rick nodded. "We'll be there in a bit." Glenn nodded in response and went back out.

With nothing left to say, I smiled and followed Glenn out. He smiled at me. "You ok, Angel?" He asked me.

I smiled back. "Yeah, i'm fine. You?" I asked back.

"I'm good. How's Daryl?" He replied.

"Just typical Daryl." I said and he laughed. His laugh was so cute. I so wanted to tell him how I felt about him truely. But I couldn't, Not because it wasn't the time, but because i was scared he wouldn't feel the same way. I didn't want to frighten him. 

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