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Rouge's point of view:

As I walked out the room, I ran a hand through my hair, sighing. Why is he even here?

"Rouge! Well, well, it's so nice to see you again," I heard him before I saw him.

"What are you doing here, River?" I spat before sitting on the couch beside Riz.

He clutched his shirt and acted hurt, "Ouch, I can see how much you've missed me." I stopped myself from rolling my eyes.

"I think he means, what made you stop by without notice?" Ace said, leaning against the wall.

"Ah well, you see, I need a favor," River said with a smirk. "I mean y'all do owe me."

"We owe you nothing," I said a little to loud. Riz patted my shoulder and gave me a worried look.

River raises an eyebrow, "oh, is that right?" he laughed before continuing, "Rouge, I helped you out a pretty big predicament, and I think you do owe me."

I looked him up and down before sighing, "I could've handled that gang and you know it."

Another smirk played on his lips as he rolled his eyes at my remark, "Yeah, before or after they kicked your ass?"

I started to reply, but Ace cut me off, "Look guys, all this arguing isn't getting us anywhere. What is it you are wanting, River?"

"Well, you see I sort of stole this guy's money and now he wants me dead, so I need a place to crash until my guys get a handle on everything," he shrugged.

"No, of course not, no," I glared at him, "just because you can't keep your shit together doesn't mean you can come here and 'crash'."

River looked at me, and I saw a flash of amusement in his eyes, "Okay, okay. Fine," he said smiling. "I'll just leave then." He turned to the door and stopped with his hand on the handle, "Oh and just a heads up, if some angry men come and burn your house down, I would like to apologize on their behalf."

My jaw dropped open, "you wouldn't," I stated firmly. He shrugged and opened the door. There's no way he would tell them where we lived.

"Okay," he replied with a smile. I groaned and looked up at Ace who was glaring at River.

"Fine, jesus christ. You can stay, but I swear if-" I was cut off by him as he shut the door.

"They won't find you, brother," he said hastily. I flinched at the word 'brother', we hadn't seen each other in almost eight years.

"We stopped being 'brothers' when I was twelve and you walked out," I spat and venom stained my voice.

"Oh, come on. Don't hold grudges," he said, squeezing my shoulder. I shook him off.

"Well ladies, why don't y'all make yourselfs useful and show me to my new room," he said referring to Riz and Ace. They looked at each other before glaring at me.

"Follow me," I said to River as I walked away. He kept his distance until we reached a spare bedroom.

"So, what have you been doing these past years?" he said throwing a bag, I hadn't realized he'd been holding, down on the bed. "Still stealing and selling girls, I suppose?"

I nodded absentmindedly, before realizing what he'd asked. "No, we have three girls and it will stay that way until we're tired of them. You can meet them at dinner, but a warning, there's one that has a mouth on her. And besides, we didn't 'sell' them, we simply took 'em and returned 'em for a price." I smiled at my choice of words. I caught a glimpse of River nodding.

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