The fateful meeting

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The light of the morning sun is shining.... the forth day begins and Levi, still sitting on his desk, looks out of the window.

" What a beautiful morning.... It makes me sick"

Annoyed he stands up taking a bath.

" I need some inspirations..." He says sighing and washes his body, which is really muscular and clean.

" Maybe I should go out.. but they won't let me... "

With 'they' Levi means the Fangirls of him.... yes, he has fangirls of course. His art works and himself are very, very popular.

Levi finished getting ready and left his apartment, the warm air hits his face, and he's glad to wear black shorts and a white V-neck. Trying to not being noticed, he's wearing black sunglasses and styled his hair different as usual.

He spends his day with walking to beautiful places in Paris. He takes notes, pictures and looks at the many colours of the nature.

The sun is going down slowly and the sky is in a red/pink tone, which looks really beautiful.

" 6 hours walking through this city and taking many pictures and I still have no idea....."

Sitting on a bench near the flow Seine ( a flow in Paris,France) , watching the sky and enjoying the cool air Levi thinks about his life.... how he could come to he got this popular... the many different people he met.... and things he can't forget.

While he's thinking and closing his eyes , a boy with brown short hair, which is in a mess like his clothes, passes Levi and suddenly falls down.

" Urgh..." The brunette is saying rubbing his knee which starts to bleed.
He mumbles something with teary eyes.

" I-It hurts..... It hurts... It's cold....... I...-."

" Oi.... what are you doing on the floor?"

Levi, who got snapped out from his thoughts by the crying boy, stands up walking to him and kneels down.

The brunette didn't noticed him before and looks up at the older, but shorter, man.

The moment the boy turns his head to look Levi in his face, his green eyes begin to sparkle thanks to his tears.

Surprised about that fairytale like moment and the unusual color of his green and kind of bluish eyes Levi asks again.

" Are you okay....?"

The boy wipes his tears away and hides his knee.

" Y-Yes... I'm fine..."

" You're obviously lying"

"..I...I fell down.... now my knee is bleeding... and hurting"

The brown haired boy takes his hand away which is full of blood.

" Tch... dirt" Levi mumbles and takes out a handknerchief to clean the skin of the boy around the wound.
" Don't worry.. you won't die because of this little scratch. Can you stand up?"

Looking surprised that the older man is helping the younger boy he tries to stand up.

" I-I think..I can.."

He walks a few steps but is about to fall down again. Befor he could, Levi is holding him under his arms.

" What are you?.. stupid? You can't force yourself to walk if you can't, why do you try to overwork yourself? "

Making painful noises the boy nods weakly.

Levi helps him to sit on the bench and puts his leg in a angled position. The boy watches him, still humbled about the niceness of the other one.

" Why do you help me?.." He asks looking to the side watching the flow.

" I'm not helping you.... I just don't want such a beautiful place to get dirty with your blood all over the floor"

The boy is shocked about the mean answer of him but then thinks that it's probably just his way of being nice - covering the truth behind his kind behaviour with a cold veil to make sure that no one will get close to you.

" Oh...." He says looking at his knee where Levi wrapped a piece of clothes around it.
" .....I... would have give you something to say 'thank you' , but..... I don't own anything"

" I never said that I want something from you"

Levi grabbs in his bag and takes out a water bottle.

" Here, take this" He throws it on the lap of the brunette boy.

" W-Water?....." The boy looks with widened eyes and opens the bottle fast, drinking like he wasn't drinking for months. The water flows down from the corner of his mouth and he finishes the whole bottle without taking a single breath.

Levi watchs him wondering and notices how the boy is dressed. He wears black tattered jeans and a brown dirty shirt. His hair is in a mess and you can see that he didn't take a bath for weeks. His hands, arms and face aren't clean either...

' Is he homeless?'
Levi thinks.
' It's damn cold... how can he walk around with these lightl clothes..'

The brunette takes a few deep breathes befor he wipes his mouth and looks at the ground embarressed that he drunk like an Animal.

" You were really thirsty... weren't you?"

Levi leans back looking at the flow.

" A-a bit.." Doing the same as Levi he asks then.

" What's your name?"

" Why do you want to know that?"

" You helped me a lot... I want to know the name of my hero" He smiles bright.

" Don't call me a hero..."

" I-I'm sorry...." He shuts his mouth embarrassed.

" I'm Levi. Just Levi... and you?"'

" I'm Eren.... Eren Jäger."

" Eren huh...."

Both of them watch the sun going down and enjoy the last sunshine of the day....

The fateful meetingWo Geschichten leben. Entdecke jetzt