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Two months later

Still with Chris we are having a good relationship! We may fight a little but we always work it out we want children about 1 at least and we're engaged!!! I can't wait for my mom and dad to meet him and his parents at Family get together that we have!

Chris:About this baby thing

Yn:Yes Chris I want either one or two

Chris:*smirks* Ok

Yn:No no! I want to help kids so I wanna adopt a one or two year old

Chris:We can still have one by us right?

Yn:*laughs* Yess!

Chris:Ight. You wanna adopt today?

Yn:You really want this don't you?

Chris:Yes I really really do!

Yn:*gets up* Leggo

Adoption center


Chris:We wanted to know what children you have available

Lady:*looks up and pushes up glasses* We only have a one year old girl she can walk and talk she was left on the streets really. Infront of a club! So... CHRIS BROWNNN!

Chris:*smiles* Wassup

Lady:Sign my arm please

Chris:*signs the arm* Ok may you bring her out

Lady:Yes yes I will

She came back with a really really cute little girl she had on some shorts with a Dora shirt we were gonna change that!

Yn:Hi *squats down* Im Yn I'm gonna be your new mommy

Girl:Who's him?

Chris:I'm Chris Brown

Girl:Arn't you famous?

Chris:Yea but I'm gonna be your new daddy


Lady:Ok you guys can go

Car Ride

Yn:So what's your name baby doll

Girl:I d-don't have one mommy

Yn:*smiles* She called me mommy!

Girl:Can you give me a name mommy and daddy I really want one

Yn:Ok how about Danielle

Danielle:Yes! That's cute Thankyou mommy

When we got to the mall we let her get some new clothes from Baby Gap then we went to get her some new Jordan's then she got some converses. We got home and Mindless Behavior rang on the door bell.


Boys:Sup Yn

Yn:Best friends *picks up Danielle* This is me and Chris's adopted daughter Danielle

Danielle:*lays her head on your shoulder* You're my favorite band

Prince:Thank you little cutie

Danielle:*smiles* My favorite is someone

Prod:Who yo favorite

Danielle:*lifts up head* Princeton and next is his his his hair


Prince:*takes her*


Prince:See yaw I'm the best!


That night

Yn:*holing Dani on the toilet*

Danielle:*peeing* I'm done mommy

Yn:Ok *takes her off and puts handsanitizer on her hands*

Danielle:*runs up to Chris* DADDY! I use the potty

Chris:*high fives her* Good job


Chris:*Puts her in her bed and goes to our room and lays next to me*

Yn:She's too cute

Chris:Right! I have to tell you something!!


Chris:I start the tour in two weeks


Chris:Im sorry its just I thought it was next month but they changed it

Yn:You know my family get together is in two weeks it's the only time for you to meet them! Yea the wedding but they need to meet you before that!

Chris:I'm sorry Yn so so sorry babe

Yn:*turns away*

Chris:*holds your waist* Im sorry

Yn:*moves your hands* Whatever

The next morning I was giving him the silent treatment


Yn:*quiet* DANI!

Danielle:IM UP NOW!

Yn:*goes to her room* You have to use the restroom?

Danielle:Yes mam

I took her to the restroom then she went to get breakfeast and watch tv. I had a job interview for a tv show I was pretty sure famous people would be there to! I took a shower and turnt it all the way hot then I put on my half shirt that said LOVE with a heart and a red Tshirt under it with some ripped jeans with rinestones on them. I put on my red and black Jordan's and went downstairs.


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