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Meeting Matthew

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Meeting Matthew

********** Okay, well I told my friends I was writing a new story on wattpad called Meeting Matthew, because the funny thing is, i am going out with a guy actually named Matthew and well, They found it hilarious and tried to tell me meeting was another word for pulling or ‘snogging’ or something... So, yeah I am writing it anyway because I like the sound of it but it’s not going to be my actual relationship story, Just a bit of bant, so please read x Zazzzz;)**********

I woke up on a usual Thursday morning. It was sunny outside for a normal day in Brighton. I loved the thought of an ice pop for breakfast so I quickly went down the stairs jumping two at a time heading towards the freezer. I opened the door, grabbed a cola ice pop and some exotic Tesco breakfast juice.

I downed the juice and took my cola pop upstairs to get dressed, I glanced at my watch. 12:45 already. I have nothing to do today, maybe I’ll go sailing or walk my dog, Probably do both, or maybe meet up with some friends, unless they’re away on holiday. I hate the way all my friends leave on the summer holidays.

Pippa came trotting into my room with a lead in her mouth, she did a muffled bark through it and jumped onto my bed. Okay, I guess I’m walking Pip and then sailing later. I got changed into a pair of high waisted shorts, A tucked in top shop tee, my cream converse  and slipped on a pair of my green ray bans.

I clipped the lead onto Pip’s collar, plugged my headphones into my iPod and started to play ‘trouble’ by Never Shout Never. I walked out of the front door, not bothering to lock it and headed towards the beach.

I walked past the sailing club. Well, Hello. I enjoy staring at the hot sailor’s six packs as they take off their jumpers. They make me all jumpy and grinish.  

I carried on walking along the beach with Pip chasing the ugly seagulls behind me. My cream converse squelched in the wet sand, I was texting Pixie, My best friend. She has a weird name, I know but it’s a cool nickname that we got in our first year together. I was Peaches. She made me laugh so much and I loved her to bits.

I looked up from my phone to see where Pip had gone, I turned around to see her playing with another dog. Pip was a brown and white cocker Spaniel. The other dog was a little lighter than Pip and was Golden retriever. I walked over to retrieve Pippa or else I’d never get her back. I whistled lightly to call her and her ears shot up and she spotted, she immediately ran towards me.

I patted her head and she did her ‘doggy grin’ and waddled on ahead of me again.

“Brooki!” A small voice called out, I searched around the beach for the voice, It was Jenna, My neighbour, I baby sat her occasionally.

“Jenna!” I screamed back, she was only five and was adorably cute.

“Hi,” A muscular, unfamiliar voice called out. I looked up from mine and Jenna’s hug.

“Oh, Hi, And you are..?” I questioned.

“Matthew, I’m Matthew,” He held out his hand and i shook it politely. Well, Hello.

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