Chapter 33 ~Oh baby baby

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Chrissy POV:

I walked into my room falling backwards onto my bed sighing. I just made out with Paul! I told him the truth! I lifted my hand up to feel my lips they're swollen. That kiss was amazing! I literally feel like I'm on cloud nine or something. I feel like doing something I haven't done in forever with someone who I've done this with always. I called Eleanor and waited for her to pick up.

"What another date?" She asked teasingly

"No! Guess what?"

"Someone sounds happy, I'll be over in a minute." She said hanging up. Well what am I supposed to do until she gets here. I sighed touching my lips again and smiling to myself. I haven't been this way over someone in so long! Look at me I sound like some sappy romance novel. Maybe that's what I could do! I jumped up and grabbed my journal and a pen. I plopped back on my bed opening it to the last time I wrote an entry.

Entry 21: January 12, 2004

That was when I found out Tori wasn't my real mom, I haven't written anything since it's been almost a year now. I grabbed my pen with shaky hands and began another entry.

Entry 22: March 9, 2005

Hey, I haven't written since I found out so much has happened. I have lots of secrets that I need to tell someone. First, I've been angry with my family forever even now that a few months ago, it may sound absolutely insane but it happened, I turned into a wolf. You know all the tribe legends over how many times I've gushed over them, yeah they're all true. Looks like I'll be going down in history as well, being the first she-wolf in the tribe, ever. Second, I've met a guy and no its not like that, his names Sam and he's a total asshole. But that's why I love him, as a brother of course. But I'll write about him in another entry. Third, Sam assigned me to watch over the future wolves which has been going great but also not too well. I developed feelings for them, well three. There's Paul, Jared, and Embry. Even though Embry's not going to phase I still like him, a lot. Jared kissed me three days before he phased, and Paul kissed me today. I think that's it, oh and I ended up making out with my cousin who I didn't know was my cousin. Farewell, Journal.

I put it away and turned around to see Eleanor standing there she smiled sitting on my bed.

"So can I guess now?" She asked me


"Okay um, you finally got a date!"

"Eleanor." I whined

"No, okay then last night you saw a unicorn!"


"I give up, what happened?"

"Paul kissed me."

"Wait but didn't Jared kiss you like last week?" She asked

"Yes they both kissed me!" I said smiling

"Is that why your lips are, you know, swollen, big, fat."

"Yeah I get it my lips are swollen and yes that's why!"

"Oh!" She said slowly. "Dance party?" She asked. I smiled nodding. She put on some Britney spears, and together we danced and sang along with wooden spoons.

"Oh baby baby! Oh baby baby!" She sang

"Hit me baby one more time!" I sang back. Pretty soon we were both singing at the too of our lungs and dancing, and jumping on my bed.

I literally hate night time now! I can't sleep what am I gonna do? I can't bug Quil because then I'll end up killing him by the end of the night. Maybe I could go to Paul's? Yup that's what I'll do. I grabbed my leather jacket and shoes putting them both on, I then climbed out my window and into the forest. I stopped outside of his house and climbed through his open window. He was asleep, he looked so cute and peaceful asleep. I jumped on his bed slapping him on the chest.

"Paul?" I whispered. He just groaned and rolled on his stomach. I sighed rolling on his back and laying there on my stomach. "Paul?" I whispered in his ear. He groaned again. I smacked the back of his head. "Paul!" I said loudly he groaned once more opening his eyes.

"What?" He asked

"I can't sleep! So that means you can't sleep!" I said way too overdramatic

"Well let's try this, close your eyes." He said grabbing me and holding me close.

"Its not working!" I said he groaned again

"Well what do you want me to do?"

"Get up! Come one we're gonna go pull some pranks."

"Chrissy!" He whined falling back on the bed. I sighed getting up and walking to the side of the bed.

"I didn't want to do this Paul but you leave me no choice." I warned him before gabbing his mattress and making him roll off.

"Ow!" He landed with a thump. "Why!" He yelled standing up and glaring I made an innocent face and pulled him towards the window.

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