The beginning

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All the nation personifications that were members of the G8 and China* were sitting in a meeting when there was a large flash of light. Screams and shouts were hear across the room.


"Bloody hell!"


"Mon Dieu!"


The flash died down and everyone moved to the table again, or climbed out from underneath it. They looked around trying to see if anything has changed. Surprisingly, it was Feliciano who noticed.

"Ve~ there's a note on the table."

Everyone looked to the table. Sure enough there was a note and a rather thick book. Arthur went up to the table and grabbed the note and read it aloud.

'Dear nations of the G8 and others,

We have noticed some things wrong with our children and family. Nations suffering in silence, either to proud to ask for help or to scared of what others will think. So we have gathered Diary/Journal entries from everyone and put them in this book.' Some nations paled at that. 'Some will be statements that we have noticed about you, but was never written down. Please read them all. Time will be suspended as you read so take all the time you need.

The Ancients

PS: Feliciano, Lovino, I am very proud of you two. Keep up the work, don't hide. And Italy, I know your nervous but go for it! - Grandpa Rome. Feliciano teared up at that, and made a mental note to show his brother this note later.

PPS: Oh Matthew, Alfred. You don't know how proud I am of how you turned out. Rising up to the top, being successful. You boys are amazing. I love you! - Native America.' mentioned nations looked so happy, but Alfred was feeling guilty. How could his mom be proud when he killed her people all those years ago?

Everyone looked to the book with apprehension. Today they would learn things about each other. Today might be a day filled with happiness and reconciliation, or fighting and arguments.

"I'll read the first few then we can pass it around." Arthur said.

Everyone muttered in agreement and sat down, waiting to get started.


* China is not a member of the G8 only America, Canada, England, France, Russia, Japan, Germany and Italy are.


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