Destiel ~ So, What Just Happened? (Au)

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A/N: So, a college Au! Yay!


"Sam, I just have to attend for a month. How bad could this roommate be? His friend died!" Dean exclaimed as he packed his stuff for college. Well, for a case, pretending to be a college student, and that means attending classes.

"And his last roommate ran away. The dude is shady." Sam sighed, crossing his arms. Dean was 20 and Sam was 16.

"So? He's adorable, so shut up." Dean put his things in his car and got in.

"Just don't get yourself killed you idiot." Sam rolls his eyes.

"Yeah yeah. Get back to dad." Dean started up the impala and drove away. The drive was about two hours long, sunset coming upon him as the night approached. The college loomed in front of him as he drove closer. He parked the impala and got out, getting his stuff and going to the sixth floor of the guys dorms, room 690.

The hall was quiet, which Dean found weird. Every other time he paraded as a college student, the halls were loud and alive with sound. But here, it was almost like everything was dead, or rather, listening for life. Dean found the room and knocked on the door, he was supposed to get his key from his new roommate, Castiel Novak? Dean was going to call him Cas.

From what Dean saw, Cas was a fit guy. His eyes like silent oceans and rippling waves crashing with sea foam and melted together with diamonds that twinkled in his eyes. His hair was messy and a light raven color. His lips were chapped, his skin ivory. He had a nice ass too. The door creaked open to reveal the beautiful man.

"You must be Dean. Come on in." Dean walked inside and Cas closed the door. "You're room is the one next to the bathroom." Cas gestured and Dean nodded going to his room to set stuff down. The room was nice, also empty. Considering no one has occupied it for a few months, Dean would assume so.

"Seems empty on this floor." Dean comments as he walks back to the living room, I guess you could call it?

"Yeah, I'm the only occupant on this floor. Looks like you are too." Cas smiled, well, he rather smirked, then shot a wink at Dean.

"How come?" Dean questions, ignoring Cas' advances.

"Because they ran out of rooms on the fifth floor and I was the last one to sign up. So I got stuck on the fourth floor with some guy who thought I was a psychopath. I'm not, I'm just a writer." Cas shrugged.

"Well, how do you cope?" Dean questions.

"I turn my music all the way up and write. My only escape. That and sex, and I can be as loud as I want to, because no one is on this floor." Cas shrugs.

"Good to know. Anyways, any advice how to survive this university? Or is it just like the rest?" Dean questions.

"Never talk to anyone from the 1st floor. The female dorms are off limits, avoid them. The females are bitches, Lisa especially. Hang your head low and don't show anyone that you have a gun in your pocket. Yeah, I can see that." Cas rolled his eyes.

"Great advice, and it's for self defense, alright?" Dean glared, pulling the gun out and setting it somewhere Cas can't reach.

"I literally don't give a crap. Also, what is your sexual orientation?" Cas asks out of the blue.

"I'm bisexual. I prefer girls, but I like guys too." Dean shrugs.

"Well, I'm gay, so we'll get along just fine." Cas smiled, heading off to his room to get some rest. Dean stole a glance at his ass before heading to his room.

The next morning........

Lucky for Dean, he didn't have his first class until Monday, and it was Thursday now.

"I fucking hate you right now. You don't have any classes." Cas scowled.

"Bye!" Dean laughed.

"I'll be back by four, I only have three lectures today." Cas left and Dean grabbed his laptop, searching up any mysterious deaths in the area. Finding a few, he was shocked to see them all having happened here. All on the sixth floor, and all in this room. What the fuck? Dean reads the article.

'Disaster on Campus'

A man by the name of Balthazar Shurley was found murdered in his dorm while roommate was out. His eyes were burned out, and there was a giant cross like stab in his throat. Authorities still have no idea what caused the death, but they hope the murder is found soon.

Dean blinked. This happened while Cas was here, the entire reason he came here! His mouth felt dry and he slammed the laptop closed. He closed his eyes and ran a hand over his face. Sam might have been right when he said that Cas might be a bit shady.


Cas arrived just when he said he would.

"The lectures were so boring." Cas yawned. Cas walked over to Dean, seeing him reading a book. He placed his hands on Dean's shoulders, causing him to flinch.

"Oh, hey Cas." Dean sighed.

"You seem on edge." Cas noticed.

"It's nothing." Dean tried to shrug of Cas' hands from his shoulders.

"You want a massage or something? Those normally help." Cas questions. Dean watched enough porn to know that wouldn't end well. It would end with him fucking Cas, and he was still convinced that Cas might be a murder.

"I'm fine." Dean grumbled.

"Come on, they are really relaxing, and I've done it before." Cas tries to convince Dean.

"No." Dean sighs, his breath hitching a bit when Cas brings his lips near is ear.

"You sure?" This guy was coming onto him pretty hard. Dean couldn't deny he probably did need a massage.

"Fine." Dean groaned, running a hand through his light brown hair.

"Then follow me." Cas walked to his room and Dean got up and hesitantly followed.

"I am seriously going to regret this." Dean sighed, entering Cas' room. The minute he walked in, he was pushed on the bed. Dean looked at Cas who was just smirking as he shut the door. Then he saw Dean's face and dropped the smile.

"Okay, you look terrified. I'm not going to hurt you. Okay, now I understand why my last roommate was scared of me." Cas mumbled the last bit to himself. Dean relaxed slightly. "Okay, pull off your shirt and lie on your stomach." Cas ordered. Dean removed his shirt and laid down on Cas' bed. Yup, he was definitely going to regret this.


What the fuck did I just write? Should I make and extremely smutty part 2?

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