Chapter 18: Park Fun

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[Andy's P.O.V.]

Once I'd dropped Nisa off at school, I decided to pay a little visit to my best friend, Matt Good. I hadn't seen the guy in a while, so now was as good as ever. Just as long as I remembered to pick up Nisa or she'd kill me! I'm going to assume he's home, 'cuz I honestly didn't know. Is that bad of me? I pulled into his driveway. Lucky bastard has his own house! The morning was quiet as I listened to the muted clicking of my boots on the concrete. Hmm... Maybe it was time to go shoe shopping...

I knocked on the door and grinned as it opened to reveal a sleepy looking Matt. "Andy?" His eyes widened and he hugged me, "ANDY!!!!!!!!" Jeez, someone was suffering from separation anxiety!

"Hey, Matt!" I chuckled, letting him go. He stepped back and swept his arm aside as a "come in" gesture. Like I needed an invitation! It was hot as hell outside!

"What're you doing here?" He asked, plopping down on his couch and looking up at me. I held out a finger and sat on the loveseat, adjusting myself and crossing my legs like I always do. Hey, they're really long! I gotta do someting with them so I don't fidget! "Just need something to do. Gonna be by myself today," I answered him, sweeping my hair back. Sometime I need to steal a ponytail holder from Nisa... It's too long to leave down all the time now. Not to mention hot! You try having long, THICK, black hair in this heat! Not fun.

"Your girl gone, then?" Matt asked, a jealous hint in his voice. Though by the twinkle in his eyes, I knew it was there on purpose. Man, I sounded gay.

"Yeah. School," I said, and Matt's brow furrowed. "School? I didn't know she was THAT young, bro!"

I glared at him, "Dude! Yeah, she's 16 but she could've graduated already, which she IS next month! She only stayed an extra semester for band." I'm not a sick perv! God, I was a teenager just a few months ago! [A/N: This was written shortly after Andy turned 20!!]

"Whoa, is she like super smart or something?" He sounded amazed.

"Of course she is. Got all of her credits really fast, had like, ADVANCED advanced classes. Some of her work made my head spin. I'm glad I dropped out. I'm a dumbass!" We both laughed.

"You ARE a dumbass, bro!" He agreed and ducked as I threw a pillow at him.

"Not funny!" I was laughing, though.

"Was too!" He argued, so I shook my head. There was no arguing. At least not with Matt. I've learned my lesson!

"Anyway, enough about me! What have you been up to?"

"You know, man. Bangin' chicks and rockin' out," he said loudly while raising his arm in the air for a high-five. I shook my head laughing, "Yeah, sure, man. Sure you were."

"Was too!"



"You lie!!!"

"Do NOT!!"

"Alright, give me names!"

"I don't remember!"

"Not one?"

"Well... There was this one blonde girl..."

"That's not a name, dude!" I knew he was a liar.

"Shut up! I'm thinking!"

"'Cuz you're lying!!!"

"Um... Her name was... Marissa! That was it!"

"Took you long enough! But you're still a liar."

"Am not!!!!!!!" Matt screamed and launched himself at me. I yelped as we both hit the floor. And then it happened. He grabbed my pudge. I mean COME ON. WHY DO THEY ALL GO FOR THE PUDGE?!?!?!?!

"QUIT!!!!!!!!!" I yelled, kicking at him. But he was fast AND heavier than me.

"NOPE!" He continued.

"THIS IS MOLESTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He laughed and finally got off of me, but I got in a good kick to the shin. SCORE!

"OWWWW!!!!!" He yelled, grabbing his lower leg.

I protested, "It's what you get for touching my pudge, dude!"

"Whatever," he scowled, still rubbing his leg. This dude was such a baby.

"Come on, buttface. We're going somewhere," I pulled at his wrist.

Matt forgot his shin distress, "Where?"

"Pacific Playland!!!!!" I hooted and ran out to the car. I heard him following me, so I ran faster.

An hour later, we made it to the park. Thing about Pacific Playland is it's got a bunch of kiddie rides. But guess what? Those are the BEST! We payed fo our tickets and headed inside for a "playfully good time" (their slogan made us sound like pervs). "Race you to the rollercoaster over there!!!" I yelled and began running towards the only BIG ride there. Matt followed suit, so I had to run faster and faster.

"I'm going to win!!" I heard his breathless comment from my right and a little too close. I gritted my teeth. He was NOT! I hit the rail of the line first and turned to grin at him. "I WIN!!!!" I sang and did a little dance, breathless as I was. He flipped me off and I saw a mother gasp and turn her kid away from the ride, causing me to laugh. The teenagers in front of us turned and gasped. I saw one of them wearing a BVB shirt. Oh good god... I hope they're not fangirls. I nudged Matt and his widened a bit, looking at me. The girls hadn't moved but were just staring at us. I was debating on whether or not to turn, when one of them spoke.

"Um... Hi... You're... You're..." She paused and I felt bad for her.

"Andy and Matt," I encouraged. She nodded. Thankfully, it was their turn to get on the ride, as was ours. We took the very back seats and the ride started.

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