Shehry's pov

We stood there for a good minute but then amzy broke the hug and her expression changed . "sorry khala kharin thin ab ap ja sakte hain " she said all plain expression! I was shocked that she acted all sweet so everyone could be happy .

I took a step and was about to leave when i turned and my voice cracked "but believe me each and every word i said ! Was true ! " . then i left ! I close the door myself and went in my room.

I started to pack my clothes . i put some clothes when my room's door brust open. And i zee calm in ! I was shattered but i have to be happy for him . "heyyy shehry ? " he said and i noded my head "where you going ? " he asked and now i bend down .

"Emm your maa and i have to live in difference place before this marriage ! " i said and he looked confused . "so we can meet each other on the wedding day as surprise ! " i said and finally he understand . he hugged me and i felt like i'm holding my little world in my arms .

He broke the hug and he kissed me on the cheeks. "Come soon ! " he whispered and it felt like my heart is breaking up . what i did to get him if he'll know . he'll surely hate me but i can't tell him.

Pata nahi kia hoga amzy ka jb use sach ka pata lage ga ! Kia kre gi ? Mjhe ye sb shadi hone tk chupana hoga ! Bs kisi trha pata na lage use .

He left and i sigh deeply . i think i should leave now for amzy's house . i came out from the room and saw sain coming with a bag in his hand towards me . " tm kahan ki tayari main ?" I asked and he smiled sheepishly .

"Actually wo main ap k sath amzy k ghar main rahun ga ! " he said and i noded . we both walk out ! Asim is already there . i opened the door and saw asim . his eyes were red and face flaming up .

" kia huwa asim ? " i asked and he gritted his teeths . " shehry ye btao kia nahi huwa ? " he spat and i furrowned cause he never behaved like this .

" kia bol rahe ho mjhe smjh nahi araha ! " i said and he pushed me ! "Kyun drama kr rahe ho shehry when you know what you've done ! " he yell and sain went upto him . but he jerked him away.

" tm dono uski zindagi ka mazk bna k rakha huwa hai ! Jb wo khush hoti hai tm dono us ko brbad krdete ho ! " he yelled and sain looked a lil taken back . " kia hogaya asim ??? " i scream this time and he throw a paper on me .

My eyes widened and jaw dropped open what i did was now opened . "kyun kiya shehry tumne ? Amzy tujhse pyaar krti thi and you did all this shit for what ? " he scream and i was out of words .

Sain came towards me and snatch the paper ! His eyes widened and he looked at me . " i have an explaination for this ! " i said lowly but asim shook his head.

"I met her after 5 years ! I still love her but she was not accepting me ! She told me to move on ! But it was so hard for me ! She told what happened to her when she went Pakistan to meet zayan's mother ! I thought this is my cue ! When she was sleeping in the way to flordia ! I secretly got the number from her phone . and told her that where is she ! And what they should do ! They wanted zee and i wanted amzy but i don't know when the relation between me and zee grew and i attached to him and that's why i didn't let him go ! But i got the chance to have her . i firstly hated zee but then now i can't live without them ! " i said and burst into tears . i can't help anymore .

"I wasn't strong enough to tell her all this thing ! So she heard this all from the phone ! And she - " asim cutt of when amzy's voice came from the back " and i'm here ! " . my eyes travelled to her ! She was standing on the door with maha . both looked broken . maha went back to the house ! And amzy came in . teary eyes trembling lips .

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