Chapter 8

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Sakura takes her clothes fast and she put on her bra and zip it and then she put on her panties too, she bend down to take on her underpants stressed but she can't avoid Kakashis gaze looking at her when she does and she breathe in and pull them on fast and then the rest of her clothes. She turn around when she's done and she look at Kakashi who stands there, with all his clothes on and his chuunin west is on perfect too, damn he is fast! She fix her hair a little because it got all messy after that...little...incident... she look at him and he meet her eyes and she sees that he bite his lip a little and when she does and then he just look away. Suddenly the wall beside her breaks and Naruto fall in after and he stand up confused and he look at us.

"Sakura- chan! Sensei! I found you guys!" He says and take up his thumb relieved and proud.

"H-how...did you break that wall?" Sakura asks and look at the wall confused, then at Kakashi and then at Naruto again.

"The wall? What about it? I just used my rasengan!" He says and shrugg and i throw his arms around Sakura and smile big.

"You're okay, Sakura-chan!" He says and breathe out, but Kakashi interrupt him and take his arm away from me and pull him away.

"Where's Sasuke!?" He asks seriously, did he pulled him away because he was touching her or just to talk say that to Naruto. Sakura pull a hand throught her hair and bite her lip.

"Sasuke continued by himself, when we were half way there." He answers and take a hand on Kakashis shoulder.

"You two was away for a long time, 3 hours to be exact so i got worried, and Sasuke said he could handle those enemies himself." He says and nood, and Kakashi draw his hands over his face thinking. He can be so calm, after what's happened hiding what we really did and acting normal, it's amazing.

He sigh and he fix his vest a little and get out throught the hole Naruto created, and Naruto jumps after him and same does Sakura.

"You go back to Sasuke, and i'll take Sakura home to Konoha." He says and Sakura wrinkle her forehead and look at him.

"I can take Sakura!"

"Naruto, listen to what i say baka." He says and Naruto groan and look at him and he walk over to Sakura and take his hand around her arm, w-what? Naruto nood defeated and he runs throught the trees until he dissapear.

"Come, we have to get back." He says and squeeze her arm a little and the let go of it and start to run and Sakura starts to run too, a little confused thoe she keep herself behind him running a Little slower.

"Sakura.."He says quiet and she open her up wide and she runs faster, past him.

"I wonder, how Naruto could damage that door but not u-us" Sakura interrupt him and she feel his gaze burning her back.

"H-hey.." He continue but she interrupts him again.

"I mean, my strengh should've been able too damaged that door easily, and your jutsus too! But maybe it was just for some time the jutsu on the cabbage holded or the jutsu caster ended up realeasing it? W-we were there for 3 hours so it wouldn't be impossible for it to be that way." She talks fast when she sees a little wiew of the gate to Konoha and laugh a little at the end of some sentences, for no special reason, she don't know what to say so she try too avoid that topic. She runs faster but Kakashi runs just as fast and he now runs beside her, she feel that he look at her thinking but she just look forward concentrated on running.

"Sakura...." He says and cough and they both stop running when they're infront of the gate, she stands infront of him but she just look at the sky a little nervous and quite emberresed.

"I confessed to you..." He says and he take a step closer to her but she interrupts him again.

"Yes you did, but you know...i-i don't..." She draw her hand against her thigh because it's sweaty and flashbacks of his lips, that's covered now when he stands infront of her with his clothes on, but all that pops up is the pictures of his lip, his body..naked...

"See you sensei..." She says and she look up at him finally, he stands with his hands down the pockets and he look at her, with sad eyes and his forehead wrinkle a little and she can see that under that mask, he's biting his lip just like before.


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