Chapter 7

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Kakashis POV.

I take my hands stronger around her waist, thrusting even faster even thought i don't wanna hurt her, but it just feels so good. She scream out loud and repetedily as our bodys moves in a fast rythm togheter and she groan out my name and i smile and place my lips on her neck starting to nibble and suck on her  sapid skin and fascinating neck and body, and when i hear her moan even more because of that i thrust faster into her thermal cunt as i kiss further down her chest around her perky breasts that turns me on and i leave bad and visible hickeys all over her chest and she groan loud. I actually thought she would, punch me down when i ''confessed'' to her, i never thought it would turn out like this.

"D-don't me.." She mumble and i look down at her still thrusting into her and moan a little.

"Huh" I say as into the moan and i breathe heavily into her ear, and she strech her head back biting her lip, no..don't do that...does she want to kill me?

"I said, don't cum in me.." She says more serious and i look down at her a little with an worrying look.

"T-too late.." I groan a little quiet as all of it just comes out, and i can't controll it...

Sakuras POV.

I open up my eyes wide when i feel his cum spreading inside my cunt, w-wha did...he just..come inside me!? Smatthha! I harden my jaw a little and i look down at him dissapointed, he looks up and he meet my eyes.

"S-sorry..." He says quiet and emberresed and i look away because i know, what this might lead to...and i swallow a little. I feel he start moving his cock and he pull it out and i whimper a little and breathe out.

"Sakura- chan!? Kakashi sensei!" Naruto scream and i hear it directly and i look down terrified at Kakashi and same does he.

"Shit.." Kakashi mumble and he let go of my waist and let me down and he reach for his clothes even thought he still have his erection, i look around and when i see them i reach for my clothes fast too...Naruto can't see this...hell no.

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