37. London

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37. London.

The cab ride from the train station was silent. I laid my head against harry snuggling into him. He tightened his arm around my waist holding me there.

We got out of the cab and went into the complex. I felt my nerves calm and comfortability came over me as I stepped foot into the flat. I stripped off into my bra and panties and walked into the bathroom to rid myself of everything that happened in Manchester. Once inside the water that tapped my skin instantly felt numbing. The water boiled making me feel like nothing was happening. I scrub my body and washed my hair ridding memories of Manchester.

Once I looked down and saw a jumper and pair of underwear left on the counter, harry mustve laid it out. I scrunched my hair in a towel relieving it of some moisture and pulled on the skimpy boy short panties and pulled the jumper over my hair. Wiping the mirror of fog I looked at my reflection. I looked tired and run down. I examined my scar forming on the back of my neck. My fingers traced the skin as I felt my eyes well with tears. I turned to the opposite side and looked at the bruise. It looked like its tripled in size. It went from purple to navy blue in I swear days. My fingers skimmed the skin as I started to sob. I looked like a rag doll. I noticed the top half of my arms had bruises from his incredibly tight grip on them that night. Warm tears rolled down my face being my only emotion. I looked at myself with such resentment.

"Rose babe-" harry walked in and looked at my body now slumped in a pile on the floor. He came over and held me close to his body spooning me on the damp carpet. "What's wrong?"

"Did you look at me?"

"Yes, and you're beautiful." He kissed my head trying to comfort me.

"Stop, I look like a rag doll. I look disheveled and ugly. I- I can't see past, my past."

"What?" He asked sitting up and looking at me.

"These fucking scars remind me of everything I don't need to remember! But they'll never go away!"

"Rose, don't put yourself down. You're beautiful. Inside and out." He kissed my damp head. I put my hand on his squeezing it as he leaned down and kissed my forehead. He stood up adjusting his basketball shorts and leaning forward holding his hand outstretched to me. He yanked me up to him and hoisted my body against his. I wrapped my legs around his back and threw my head to the side and nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck. My tongue rolling over the spot I had strategically placed my lips. He chuckled at my immediate actions. We walked into his bedroom as he laid me down on the mattress. I pushed my body up against his hoard of pillows as he sat in front of my body. He took my leg and massaged my foot his hands eased there way up my leg as she pulled me closer. I spread my legs wider so his body rested between my legs. He leaned over kissing me. Our position was awkward and seemingly uncomfortable. I sat up on his lap my legs around his back and my arms around his neck. His hands traveled my back as he gave me cheeky love bites. I knew he was trying to get me to smile. I could feel his muscles moves around my hands as he touched me. I stared at him. His eyes closed blocking me and everyone around him out of his world. I scouted out of his lap as his eyes focused on me. His hand on the top of my unwounded thigh. I smiled at him as his dimples formed small craters on either side of his mouth.

"Kiss me." A whisper fell from his lips as he smiled widely. I leaned forward my hands on his cheeks and pulled his face to mine. I kissed him passionately happy with everything that was happening. I'm not sure what our relationship was and I didn't mind I just wanted him whether he was my boyfriend or not. "I love you Rose." His voice softly whispered against my lips.

"I love you too." I kissed his cheek going into my room. I shut the door and laid on my bed. As I laid there thinking about him I noticed my phone was in the other room. I got up to retrieve it up. As i went to the living room i saw it, Harry had my phone in his hand. His face stood shocked and disgusted until I bumped into the coffee table and he adjusted his eyes on me. I threw the phone down and hurried to my body. He put his arms around me and held my body closely to his. He didn't say anything he and I both knew why there was such an absence of noise. He kissed my head keeping everything silent around me. I nuzzled into him closer hoping this would make everything better but I knew that he saw the message and he was hurt.

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