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Piper's POV
We all ran to the elevator and I pushed the button to the 3rd floor. When the elevator doors dinged open, I saw a long hallway with 8 doors. Girls on left, boys on right. One for all of us and a room for Percy.

"Let's all go into our rooms at the same time." I suggested.

"Great idea Piper!" Annabeth said. We all lined up at our doors. The outside was white. I prayed to all the gods the inside was my style.

"On three." Annabeth said. "One, two, three!"
We all pushed open our doors. I gasped. It was perfect! My walls were a light shade of purple, my carpet was sky blue, and I had a white furniture. On my desk was all my school things, a back pack the same color of my walls with pink hearts on it, and a purple Laptop and Phone (monster proof made by Hephaestus). There were pictures of me and my friends over my desk.

"Thanks mom." I said.

Hazel's POV
My room had golden wall paper, silver carpet, and silver furniture increased with jewels. On my desk was a golden back pack, my school stuff, and a golden phone and Laptop.

Calypso's POV
My room has crystal walls, green carpet, and the ceiling looks like the sky. I have mini gardens all over the place and green furniture. On the desk, there is a silver backpack with my school things and a green laptop and phone. I have to have Leo show me how to work them.

Annabeth's POV
My room has grey walls, dark grey carpet and sea green furniture. I have a private library. On my desk is a grey backpack with an owl on it, my school things, and my Daedalus laptop with a grey owl case.

Leo's POV
The super sized McShizzel has a room with walls that are orange, red carpet, and yellow furniture. I have tools all over the walls and a mini forge. My backpack is black with flames on it and my phone and laptop have the same design. I sat down and started to reprogram them...

Frank's POV
My room has animal print walls, brown carpet, and red furniture. There are weapons all over the walls and on my desk there was an animal print backpack and a phone and laptop with the same design.

Jason's POV
My room looks like the sky. It has sky blue walls and clouds. My furniture is stormy grey. On my desk is my backpack that is blue with lightning designs and a phone and laptop with the same design.
Hello people! I didn't describe Percy's room because he will describe it later. The winner of the last question is ile920.
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