That Girl

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He sat down on the bus one day,

Waiting patiently.

Of all the things he thought that day,

She wasn't what he expected to see.

A scarf hung 'round her neck,

A hat worn on her head.

Soon after, she smiled,

And he had nothing left to dread.

Walked down the isle, she did,

Close to the young mans seat.

Although she couldn't hear it,

His heart, it did frantically beat.

Eventually she sat,

Three seats away from him.

Though he didn't show it,

His heart felt rather grim.

He could reach out, if he wanted,

And gently touch her cheek.

No matter how great the urge,

He thought himself rather meek.

He noticed when she moved her hand,

And brushed hair from her face.

Her golden curls falling gently,

To her necks base.

Her rode that bus for  many stops,

Waiting for her turn.

And onnce that time had finally come,

A lesson did he learn.

A man was waiting for the girl,

He watched him hold her tight.

The young man tried to forget,

But couldn't with all his might.

The young man had found love that day,

Although he lost the girl.

He couldn't keep her off his mind,

His thoughts were in a whirl.

He never saw that girl again,

No matter how he hoped.

Even without her,

His mind, it somehow coped.

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