Miss Susie's Doll

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Miss Susie had a dolly,

A doll she did hold dear.

For when her doll was around,

Miss Susie had nothing to fear.

Others didn't like the doll,

For it gave them the creeps.

Miss Susie had little friends,

But never did she weep.

Her dolly was of average size,

And made to a 'T'.

Her dolly was very special to her,

Gran made it painstakingly.

With button eyes, as black as coal,

Her mouth always in a smile.

Her woollen hair, pink in colour,

Always braided in style.

A tiny dress of black and pink,

Frills fringed on the sleeves.

Her shoes miniture Mary Janes,

Amost real, Miss Susie believes.

But one day Miss Susie's dolly,

Was leftt on a park bench.

And when Miss Susie came looking,

Her heart it did clench.

Lady Carrie had found the dolly,

And had given it away.

So now Miss Susie's dolly,

Is making another girl's day.

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